10 Best Car Mobile Holders You Can Buy

We all mostly use our smartphone for using maps and GPS while driving. Using a smartphone while driving can be dangerous. We have to hold the device in our hand that can make driving pretty difficult. Sometimes even keeping the phone in a car dashboard can be a headache too, it might drop under the seat, or get misplaced. But there are other ways you can use the mobile without giving up the driving or distracting yourself. And one of the ways is using a mobile holder for the car. Using mobile holders the device sits in one place and at the level of the eye so you don’t have to move your hands or pay attention to find it here and there.

Though there are various kinds of mobile holders available, some can be attached to the air vent, some use suction to stick on the glass and some have their own ways to attach them. To make it easy for you to pick, we have made a list for some of the best mobile holders for cars that you can buy online. So let’s begin with the list.

Best Mobile Holders For Car Available Online

1. Universal Phone Holder For Car


As the name of the device tells it is a universal mobile holder for a car as it can be used with any smartphone with its mount that can be expanded up to 7 inches. As you can see in the image the mount has great holding arms with soft silicone materials to hold the device safely.

It has nuts that you have to tighten to make the hold and movement of the mount much stabilized. Moving ahead, the mount is also 360° rotatable with adjustable clamp. And the most important thing is that you can attach this holder in three different ways. Either in the air vent, on the dashboard or on the windshield mirror as per your preference. For dashboard and windshield, it has an arm that can be moved to an angle of 225°.

Price – $11.99

Buy from here

2. MONGOORA Air Vent Car Phone Mount Holder


The design of the holder is similar to the above one but with one tiny difference. It can only be attached to the car in the air vent with the help of locking clip. Now this one is actually a great option as you can attach or remove the mobile from the hold using just one hand. It also has a push button for that at the back that is easily accessible while removing the device.

Apart from this, it can be used to attach a smartphone from 1.9-3.7 inches of width. And you can even put your device in charge with the gap left for cables. It is also 360° rotatable for using the device either in portrait or landscape mode while having a call or following the navigation.

Price – $13.44

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3. Bestrix Universal CD Car Mount


This phone holder is a little different than most of the gadgets on this list. What makes it different is the method of attaching it. Unlike others, it has a special mechanism that enables it to be installed in the CD slot of your music system. And yes it will be best for cars that have disk slots in their cars music system.

All you have to do is insert the holder into the CD slot and use a single lever to lock it in place. No screw, clip or other adhesive required. Adding more to this, it has a soft cushion pad for shock and damage proofing and can be rotated in 360°. And at last, it has two buttons at the back, one to release the device and the other to adjust the size of the holder. It can be used for cell phones up to 6.5 inches.

Price – $19.95

Buy from here

4. Auto-Clamping Air Mount Holder


Yes, this is another air vent smartphone holder, but with a completely different mechanism. Different than the rest, here it uses a spring mechanism to hold your mobile phone efficiently. That means there are no buttons to mount or unmount the device. The given three arms will adjust automatically as you insert or remove a device and that also with one hand. It can fit smartphones for 4 to 6 inches of length.

The arms have soft silicone padding to keep your device safe from scratches and any kind of damage. The depth of the arms are not that much so it can be a little hard to be used with thick covers, but the slim ones will go perfectly.

Price – $14.99

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5. Mpow Wind Shield Car Mount


If you don’t want to jumble up your cars air vent with the holder and want another alternative then you can try this windshield mobile holder. Mpow uses vacuum suction technology with which it makes a firm grip and holds on to the glass of the windshield. The holder has a flexible gooseneck and 360° rotatable mount so it can be adjusted accordingly while using.

The arm of the mount is similar to all the holders with silicon pads and push button to attach or remove the device. Its arm can stretch up to 3.6 inches to hold the devices.

Price – $10.99

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6. TORRAS Magnetic Car Mount


TORRAS is a magnetic, dashboard car mount and it is very effective with respect to its size. This mobile holder has two parts, one the holder that attaches to the dashboard of your car using a strong adhesive. The holder has a round metal ball that lets it rotate 360° freely and at the top is the actual mount.

The other part is the magnetic pad that is attached to the back of your devices. This is what attaches the device to the holder. What good about this car mount is that it saves a lot of space and is pretty easy to install. TORRAS can be used to mount device up to 4-6.5 inches without any issue.

Price – $15.99

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7. VANMASS Magnetic Car Mount


VANMASS can be said to be the mixture of Universal Phone Holder For Car and TORRAS Magnetic Car Mount. The main part that is attached in the car is similar to Universal phone holder, while the holder to attach the device uses a magnetic system just like TORRAS. But unlike other, it has 6 magnets rather than 3-4, for efficient hold. It is perfect for devices between 3-6.5 inches of size or under 500 grams of weight.

The difference here is that it only uses vacuum suction to attach to either the windshield of the car or even the dashboard. For suction, it uses 3M gel pad that can bear up to 25lbs of weight. Now in addition to all these, it has a telescopic arm, which means you can increase the length of the arm, or decrease it as per your need. The arm is also adjustable up to 270° and rest like all the holder allows the mobile to be rotated 360°.

Price – $18.99

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8. ZAAP Car Mobile Holder


This is one of the best car mobile holder to be bought in India. It also uses a magnetic system to hold the phone and suction to be attached in the car. You can install it either on the windshield, dashboard or even at your workplace or study desks. And like all, it also has the ability to rotate the device 360°.

ZAAP car mobile holder does not have any limit to the size of the device it can hold unless it weighs under 380 grams. For more security, it comes with shock stabilizer to keep the device mounted even in harsh roads. The base of the mount uses a gel pad just like the above one. And one good thing about these pads is that they are reusable infinite time. You can attach or remove it as many time as you wish to.

Price – ₹1499.00

Buy from here

9. Cellet Cup Holder Tablet Mount


If you carry a tablet like the iPad or Samsung tablets, then all the mounts mentioned above won’t help you. So this one is for all the tablet users. You can attach tablets up to the width of 9.6 inches. The holder will adjust and fix itself once you change the position to your desired viewing angle.

What different here is the method of mounting in the car. As you might already have guessed it, this holder can be attached to any regular from 2.7-3.75 inches cup holder of the car.

Price – $34.99

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10. BESTHING Wireless Charger And Car Holder


It is one of our personal favourite car mounts that you can buy, a combination of both, the holder and wireless charger. This is suitable for those who are fed up of the wires going through the mount, that sometimes can be a problem while unmounting the devices. But to make that easy, it has built-in wireless charging. Just put your device on the arms and it will charge it.

You will need to attach the cable to the mobile holder though, but only once. It supports 10W fast charging for Samsung devices like Samsung S10 and others, 7.5 W for iPhones and regular 5 W for others. To use this feature your device must be Qi-Enabled or else it won’t work.

Price – $34.98

Buy from here

Wrapping Up

So these were some of the best mobile holders for the car that you can buy from Amazon. All the mobile holders have various methods and mechanism to attach the device. And each of them has great responses and ratings from the users. So if you are willing to buy one, it will totally depend on you and your choices. But if you ask us, BESTHING Wireless Charger And Car Mount is the best, as it not only holds the device but also charges it at the same time. Which one are you ordering? Drop it down on the comments below.

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