7 Best Cheap RC Boats For Beginners

If you are someone who loves outdoor adventure more than playing video games in the comfort of indoors, then RC toys are one of the best options. There are various types of RC toys available in the market, be it RC boats, planes, drones, cars, etc. However, in this article, we bring the best and cheap RC boats for beginners who want to learn RC boat driving. Though cheap, we have made sure that only the best RC boats get on our list, so that you can buy them without being sceptical.

Best Cheap RC Boats

1. WomToy RC Boat

WomToy RC Boat

Best For Kids

  • 10 km/h
  • 50 meters Range
  • 15 minutes Playtime

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This small RC boat is a good option to go with if you are looking for cheap RC boats but do not want to compromise on the quality. It is made up of high-quality ABS material which extends the life of the boat and makes it more sturdy. Moreover, this boat has a streamlined design which reduces drag and makes it easy to sail on the water.

This boat might not be the fastest RC boat out there but looking at the price we can not complain much about it. It can sail on the water with a maximum speed of 10 km/h. Since it’s not very fast, it is easy to control and makes an ideal RC toy for kids. However, the best thing about this boat is that it comes with the capsize recovery feature, which makes it restore its position if it flips in the water.

Since its an RC boat, it comes with a transmitter that is tuned at 2.4 GHz frequency. The transmitter has a coverage range of 40-50 meters i.e you can control your boat in a radius of 50 meters. Also, this boat comes with a 500mAh rechargeable battery which gives a playtime of around 10- 15 minutes in one full charge which takes around 3 hours to charge.

Capsize recovery mode

Sturdy design

Easy to control

Slow Speed

Not suitable for Adults

2. SZJJX Boat


Value For Money

  • 14 km/h
  • 50 meters
  • 10 minutes Playtime

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This RC boat from SZJJX is one of the most popular boats in the lower price segment. And that’s because unlike other boats, in this segment, it gets fully charged in less time and provides longer playtime. To be precise this boat gets completely charged in 2 hours and can be used for 20 minutes straight in the water.

Not just that, it can reach the top speed of 14km/h on full throttle. The 2.4GHz transmitter that comes with this boat ensures a stable and strong connection. Moreover, it can control the boat up to a distance of 50 meters. The material used to build this boat is of high-quality ABS plastic which ensures the long durability.

Additionally, its waterproof hull is designed to protect the electrical components inside. Talking about the hull, it’s anti-tilt modular design makes sure your boat always stays upright during the play. To add more safety to the boat it has a water sensing feature that lets the propellers only rotate in the water. This increases the life span of the propellers and the boat itself. Overall, this boat is the best value for money products in this price segment.

Quick charge

Long battery life

Waterproof and anti-tilt hull

Good build quality

Average speed



Long RunTime

  • 10 km/h
  • 50 meters Range
  • 20 minutes Playtime

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In terms of looks, this boat is quite similar to the previous boat from SZJJX. Not just looks, but in terms of battery life as well it can give you a continues playtime of 20 minutes in one full charge. However, it is not that fast as it can only reach the top speed of 10km/h. This RC boat operates on 2.4GHz frequency and you can take it for the race as there won’t be any interference problem with it. However, you should keep in mind while racing that it can only go up to 50 meters of distance as the transmitter has a control limit of 50 meters only.

It has almost every feature that all the boats in this segment have. But the USP of this boat is you get a USB charging cable with it and it indicates that the battery is fully charged by illuminating the red indicator on the USB line. Emergency Stop is also a good feature on this boat that stops the boat quickly as you hit the breaks. This boat can be a good choice to go with if you are looking for an RC toy for your kid who is 6-12 years old.

Emergency stop

Charging indication

Good battery life

Speed is slow

Not great build quality

4. DeXop H800

DeXop H800

Fast RC Boat

  • 25 km/h
  • 50 meters
  • 15 minutes Playtime

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A nice RC boat for kids and adults that can reach a top speed of 25km/h in silent waters. This boat has a deep V design that helps the boat to sail in the water with ease and makes it easier to control. The Cooling System on DeXop H800 makes it easier for the boat to recover from long playtime of about 15 minutes.

The hull is designed to be waterproof so that the engine and other electrical components can be prevented from any damage. Moreover, this boat has a 180-degree self-righting feature that automatically upright the boat if it capsizes.

Fast speed

Good build quality

Automatically uprights in case of capsize

Takes time to completely charge

5. TOYEN RC Boat

TOYEN Remote control Boat

Multi-Frequency RC Boat

  • 20 km/h
  • 30-50 meters Range
  • 12 minutes Playtime

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The TOYEN RC boat, unlike other boats in this list, does not operate on 2.4GHz frequency rather it uses random frequencies for its operation. The transmitter frequency randomizes in the range of 27 MHz, 40MHz, and 49 MHz, and the control range is 50 meters. To receive the signals from the transmitter, a stand-up wire receiver (comes in the box) is attached to the boat.

This boat might not have the strongest signal transmitter, but due to its powerful motor, it can reach a top speed of up to 20 km/h. Though fast, this boat is very stable and due to its self-balancing feature, it always stays upright in the water. This makes it easy to steer the boat and an ideal RC toy for beginners.


Easy to control

Sturdy Design

Below average signal strength

6. Rabing HY800 

Rabing HY800 

Best Overall

  • 20 km/h
  • 30-50 meters Range
  • 15 minutes Playtime

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The Rabing HY800 is more than just a toy for kids. This boat has a 2.4GHz transmitter that allows it to easily steer this boat in the water. Moreover, with its self-balancing technique, the boat remains completely controllable.

Also, it is made up of waterproof and impact-resistant plastic which makes sure that this boat has a long lifespan. It comes with a 700 mAh battery(removable) that takes 3 hours to completely charge and gives a playtime of approx 15 minutes. The Rabing HY800 is a good option to choose for if you want to buy a good RC boat at a cheap price.

Nice build quality


Takes long time to charge



Cheapest Among All

  • 10 km/h
  • 20 meters Range
  • 25 minutes Playtime

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The Kingbot RC boat is the cheapest boat on this list but it is also the boat with the best playtime. On one full charge which takes 150 minutes, it will give you a continues 25 minutes of run time. The speed, however, is not very fast and can reach the maximum speed of 10 km/h. It has a  V-shaped hull design that reduces water resistance and makes sailing easier.

With a 2.4GHz transmission controller, it is easy to control this boat without interference and the range is up to 20 meters. It is more of an RC toy for a kid and a beginner. If you are looking for some serious stuff then you should consider other options in this list.

Good runtime

Easy to control


Low transmission range

Final Words

RC boats are a great toy for recreational activities for kids and adults. However, RC boats can be quite expensive depending upon there build quality and functionalities. If you are a beginner or you want to gift your kid their first RC toys then you should start with these cheap boats. All the boats on this list are of good build quality and you would definitely love them once you get your hands on them.