7 Best Cheap Tripods For DSLR Cameras And Phones

If you are into photography then tripods are the most important accessory for you. Tripods helps you to make the most out of your camera to capture brilliant photos and videos. However, they are not the cheapest thing out there and to buy a decent tripod you may have to spend a lot. But, with the right knowledge, you can actually save some money and buy the best tripod for yourself at a reasonable price. And that’s why we bring to you this article on the best cheap tripods for your DSLR, mobile, and action cameras.

7 Best Cheap Tripods

This list contains cheap tripods but we have made sure that only the best tripods get on our list.

1. AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod

AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod

Value For Money

  • 60 inches Max Height
  • 6.6 lbs Max Load

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Amazon’s own tripod deserves to be on our list since it is one of the most value for money product in this segment. The best thing about this tripod is that it can extend to a size of 60 inches so that you can capture a large field of view from your camera. When not in use you can collapse it to the size of 25 inches so that you can easily carry it to places. Its height-adjustable legs are supported with rubber feet which gives this tripod a firm grip on the ground ensuring the safety of your camera and the tripod itself.

The three-way head on this tripod helps you to tilt and swivel the camera for capturing images in portrait or landscape mode with ease. The tripod head can handle a maximum load of 6.6 lbs which means you can easily fit your DSLR, GoPro devices, telescope, and smartphone on it. To fit a phone you will need an adapter that is not included in the box, but you can easily purchase it online or from a store near you.

The tripod is made out of hard plastic material which makes it lightweight but also vulnerable to wear and tears if not handled properly. But at such a low price you can’t complain much about it either. Overall, the tripod is a good choice to go with if you are just beginning your career as a photographer or you want it just for your regular use.

Easy to carry

Comes with a carry bag

Compatible with most devices

Delicate design



Best For DSLR

  • 56 inches Max Height
  • 11 lbs Max Load

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Unlike the previous tripod, this one has a solid and sturdy build design, as it is made up of a combination of aluminium and plastic. The legs of this tripod are made of aluminium while the joints are of plastic. Owing to its sturdy design it can lift up to 11 lbs of load. So that you can easily fit your camera on it with heavy attachments like lenses, external flash, etc without any fear.

Moreover, it is designed in such a way that it collapses to a size of 20 inches which easily fits in the carry bag provided in the box. Upon extending it can reach the height of 56 inches, which is considered a good size for a tripod.

It also has a three-way head panel that can swivel in 360 degrees for effortlessly capturing the world around you. Also with 4 sections lever-lock legs and rubber feet, your tripod always holds the ground firmly irrespective of the terrain. Overall under 40 bucks, it is a great buy for a beginner or someone who does photography for fun.

Good build quality

360 degrees swivel function

Can lift heavy cameras with attachments

Plastic joints are not very strong

3. ZOMEI Compact Tripod

ZOMEI Compact Tripod

Compact Tripod

  • 55 inches Max Height
  • 11 lbs Max Load

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This tripod is on our list simply because of its design which is very sturdy and compact. Made out of aluminium alloy, its legs can extend up to 55 inches and collapse to 19 inches, which makes it very compact and travel-friendly. Moreover, it’s self-adjusting feet can adjust the tripod on any surface with ease assuring you a stable platform for your photography.

There’s a hook attached to the center column of this tripod where you can hang some weight. For example, your travel bag which further lowers the center of gravity and gives this tripod a better hold on the ground. Also, you get a lever attached with the head which can be used to tilt the head in any direction allowing you to capture videos and images from different angles. Its a great choice for people who have their own studio or creators who make videos for YouTube.

Stable and sturdy design

Lightweight and compact

Hard to move the head of the tripod

4. UBeesize Mini tripod

UBeesize Mini tripod

Best For Phone & Small Cameras

  • 10 inches Max Height
  • Wireless Remote

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A one of its kind tripod that lets you use your smartphone, GO Pro, and other small digital cameras for photography. You can attach any device up to a width of 3.5 inches on it, for which you get camera screws and phone holder attachment in the box. This UBeesize mini tripod is made out of foam and plastic that gives it amazing flexibility and sturdiness.

Moreover, the octopus style adjustable legs helps you to capture angles that are not possible with other tripods in this budget. You also get a wireless remote in the box that has a range of up to 30 ft so that you can take wide-angle selfies and group photos with ease.

Also, owing to its flexibility, you can use it as a stand for your tablet as well when not using it as a tripod. So, if you’re into mobile photography or an adrenaline junkie who loves to capture their stunts on action cameras then you should definitely invest in this mini tripod.

Pocket size

Flexible legs

Comes with wireless remote

Not so great build quality

The wireless remote is not very reliable

5. TRACKLIFE Lightweight Tripod

TRACKLIFE Lightweight Tripod

Best For Travellers

  • 55 inches Max Height
  • 6.6 lbs Max load

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If you are someone who is always on the go then this tripod is meant for you. Built mostly with aluminium alloy, it is very lightweight and strong. Also in its compact form, it is only 16 inches tall which can easily sneak into your travel backpack. However, when extended fully it can reach a height of 55 inches. Other than that it has a regular 3-way head that can tilt and swivel in different directions for capturing the perfect shot.

However, the head can only bear a maximum load of 6.6 lbs. Overall, if you are a travel photographer or a vlogger then this tripod needs to be in your kitty.

Easy to set up

Very lightweight and portable

Not very stable in a windy environment

6. Fugetek Selfie Stick & Tripod

Fugetek Selfie Stick and Tripod

2-in-1 Tripod

  • 51 inches Max Height
  • 300 Hours Standby Time

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Now no need to buy a separate selfie stick and a tripod because with this Fugetek device you get both in one. Built with heavy-duty aluminium this device is sturdy enough to hold your phone with its case. To use the tripod as a selfie stick all you need to do is to fold up the tripod legs and extend the stick (up to 51 inches) to take amazing selfies. You also get a Bluetooth remote control with this device that comes hidden in the handle of this tripod.

It also has a built-in rechargeable battery that can give you 300 hours of standby time on a 1 hour full charge. Overall this 2-in-1 selfie stick is a good option for people who are solo travellers and selfie enthusiasts.


Good battery life

Comes with Bluetooth remote

Average build quality

7. Vanguard VS-82

Vanguard VS-82

Table Top Tripod

  • 10 inches Max Height
  • 5.5 lbs Max Load

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This tabletop tripod is made out of aluminium and is of top-notch build quality. It has a two-way pan head that allows you to tilt your camera in the desired direction to get a perfect shot. Also, the non-slippery rubber feet ensure that your tripod stays rigid on the table.

Since it is a tabletop tripod you can not extend it to the height that other tripods on this list can reach. But, it can still extend up to 10 inches above from the table and give you a good field of view. You can use it for your telescope or a DSLR if you want.

Great built quality

Rubber feets

Can not extend much

Which One Should You Buy?

There are different types of tripod available in the market and some of them are mentioned here in our article. However, it remains up to you for what purpose you want the tripod. For a different purpose, there are different tripods. We hope you liked our article and will share it further as well.


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