5 Best Cheapest Blu-Ray Players Of 2019

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of new video formats being introduced and we know that it’s never going to stop. And it never should, as we are getting better and better video quality because of this change. One best example of this change is Blu-ray disc, which was introduced to replace standard DVDs.

Blu-ray discs without a doubt give amazing video and sound quality when compared to standard DVDs. But if you’re here looking for the best cheapest Blu-ray player, then you are very well aware of its picture quality. But why cheapest? Because let’s face it, no one wants to spend a huge chunk of money on them. And rightfully so, as there are so many cheap and good options available in the market. Also, you can even get a good quality 4K Blu-Ray player at a very affordable price.

Having a hard time believing us on this? Well, then look at our listing of 5 Best Cheapest Blu-Ray players available in 2019 and decide for yourself.

Best Cheapest Blu-Ray Players

1. SONY BDP-S6700

Sony BDP-S6700 - budget blue ray player

Best Overall

  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • 4K

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Design: This Blu-ray player by SONY is 11.5 x 10.8 x 2.8 inches in dimension and weighs only 2 pounds. The reason behind this player being so lightweight is that the player has a full plastic build. And even though the design of the player is not appealing or satisfactory, the player does give out an amazing performance for the things that actually matter.

Upscaling and Video Resolution: Through this Blu-ray disc player, SONY was determined to give the best picture quality with a maximum resolution of 4K. If you have a 4K Ultra HD TV in your home, then this player, with its upscaling technology can upscale Blu-ray content up to 4K, while also improving the video quality of standard DVDs. And it doesn’t stop there, as it also enhances the video quality of the online content you are streaming online.

Moreover, what’s truly amazing is that if you have a 3D-enabled TV, then you can watch your 3D movies through this player. And along with that, it also upscales the 2D content to 3D for an enhanced experience. So, when it comes to picture quality and upscaling technology, this player is surely one of the best.

Connectivity: The availability of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth does make this player more prominent to the user. With Bluetooth, you can connect any other device with the player, like your Bluetooth headphones to get a better sound experience.

This player also stands out when it comes to other connectivity options. It has 1 HDMI port and for that, it comes with a 10ft HDMI cable, so you don’t have to buy that separately. Other than that, it includes 1 Ethernet, 1 Coaxial and 1 USB port. So with Wi-Fi and a USB port, you can play content from different sources.

And as we are talking about connectivity, then how could we not talk about Miracast app. So, this app allows you to play your entire smartphone screen on the TV. This means that you can play videos or watch the slide show of mobile photos on your TV screen without having them transferred on any other device.

Features: As we’ve already mentioned that the player has an inbuilt Wi-Fi, but the question is, What does that do?  Well, with the help of the Wi-Fi, you can very smoothly browse and stream online content from streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. Also, you can wirelessly stream your favourite music with Sony I Music Center Link. Although, if you’re a big fan of Hulu, then you would be disappointed to hear that from August 14, 2019 onwards, SONY dropped Hulu support on some of their models, including this one.

Sound: And now let’s talk about audio quality. So the player supports a lot of 24-bit audio formats like MP3, WAV, AAC and more. And while supporting all the important formats at a master quality, the player does give an amazing sound experience; all thanks to the Dolby and DTS-Master audio. Moreover, to add more to its sound experience, the player comes with Xtreme earbuds. But to be honest, the earbuds are not that great, so it’s best that you don’t get too excited about that.

Amazing picture quality

Good Upscaling technology

More than enough streaming options

Can even upscale 2D content to 3D

Dissatisfying Build

2. SONY BDP-S3700

Sony BDP-S3700 - cheapest blu-ray player

Cheapest Among All

  • 1080p
  • WiFi
  • Quick Start Mode

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Design: The SONY BDP-S3700 is the cheapest Blu-ray player on the list. It is 11.5 x 11 x 3.6 inches in dimension and when you talk about weight, it is only 2.85 pounds. The build of the player is decent and satisfying given the cheap price of the product.

Upscaling and Video Resolution: The SONY BDP-S3700 Blu-ray player gives you an amazing Full HD video quality with a maximum video resolution of 1080p. Not having a video resolution of 4K is surely disappointing, but it does provide a good video quality for the resolutions it supports.

The upscaling of standard DVDs to Blu-ray quality is pretty great, so you can watch movies from your older DVDs at an enhanced quality. So, considering the fact that this player is under 100 bucks, the picture quality, and the upscaling technology of the player is surprisingly amazing.

Connectivity: Of course this model comes with a built-in Wi-Fi. But it doesn’t shy away from other options which include 1 HDMI port, 1 USB, 1 Ethernet, and 1 Coaxial Digital audio output. And similarly, like the last product, the Miracast app also works with this model. So you can share your smartphone screen on your TV with absolutely no difficulty.

Features: As the player comes with WiFi, so it is pretty clear that using this player, you can stream videos from a lot of platforms, excluding Hulu. All the apps are pre-installed when you buy the player, however, too many installed apps make the navigation a bit harder. But the good thing is that the apps can be easily uninstalled.

Other than streaming online videos, you can also play or stream ps3 games directly on your TV without any gaming console, which is truly impressive. The gaming experience is not as good as playing on a gaming console, as the games lag a little bit. But you can still enjoy your favourite games on the player if you can’t afford a gaming console for now.

And if that’s not enough, then you would be pleased to know that you can share the content, like music, videos or photos, over multiple supported devices through DNLA home-sharing.

We obviously can’t forget to mention super quick start mode, that enables the player to startup within a minute. But that isn’t the case when you start it up for the first time, as it installs a software update on its first startup.

Sound: The Dolby True-HD and DTS-HD makes sure that you get the sound quality which does justice to the sound of the original video. The sound is crisp clear and every dialogue can be easily heard in decent sound quality.

Super Quick Start mode

Good upscaling and video quality

DNLA home sharing for multiple devices

The user interface is crowded with apps

3. LG UP875

LG UP875

Good Choice In LG

  • 4K
  • HDR10

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Design: This player is 16.9 x 1.8 x 8.1 inches and weighs only 3.6 pounds. The design of the player is decent and it looks good sitting beside the TV. Also, the size of the box makes it easy to fit it in a small space.

Upscaling and Video Resolution: This HDR10 compatible player offers a maximum resolution of 4K, which means you get ultra HD video quality at such a cheap price. But it is quite obvious that despite the high video resolution, the upscaling of a Blu-ray player should also be impressive. And thankfully, this product doesn’t disappoint in that regard.

The 1080p and 4K upscaling offered by this product are really amazing, so you’ll not have any complaints regarding picture quality while using this product. And if that wasn’t enough to impress you, then you should also know that you can play 3D content on this player if of course, you have a 3D HDTV.

Connectivity: It’s really disappointing that the player doesn’t have a built-in WiFi, especially when you compare this product with its competitors. But to make up for that, the player had to provide other connectivity options like HDMI and USB port. And just so you know, you’ll have to buy an HDMI cable separately, as it isn’t included with the player. Other than that, it also comes with 1 Ethernet and 1 Optical Audio Out port.

Smart Features: If you’re looking for a Blu-ray player that falls under the “Smart” category, then this isn’t it. And that is because, without the WiFi, you can’t stream online content from the player. The player does have an Ethernet port, but the internet through LAN can only be used for the firmware update. So we can say that when it comes to features like streaming, this product doesn’t have much to offer. But it does have some other cool features like SIMPLINK. This feature allows you to control your Blu-ray player from your TV remote, which is quite convenient.

Basically, this is your typical Blu-ray player that does lack in smart features but it doesn’t compromise on the video quality.

Sound: The Dolby True HD and Dolby Digital Plus make sure that the user gets a clear and crisp sound of the content he is watching through the player.

Good video quality and upscaling

Can play 3D content in the player

SIMPLINK feature for better control

No in-built wifi

HDMI Cable is not included

4. LG UBK80


Cheapest In LG

  • 1080p
  • Lightweight

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Design: This player like most other Blu-ray players comes in black color. With a dimension and weight of 10.6 x 7.7 x 1.7 inches and 2 pounds respectively, this product looks quite decent.

Upscaling and Video Resolution: If you’re someone who is satisfied with full HD quality and doesn’t watch 4K content that much, then this player is right for you. The maximum supported resolution by this player is 1080p and within that resolution, the picture quality is really great.

Other than that, you don’t have to throw out your old DVDs in the trash, as you can play those DVDs in this player. Also, the quality of the content will be upscaled to 1080p, so you’ll surely have a good experience in regards to picture quality.

Connectivity: This player is more suited for people who prefer LAN over Wi-Fi. And I wouldn’t blame them, as it is quite common for people to want a simple Blu-ray player without any additional and tricky features. Other than the Ethernet port, it has 1 HDMI, 1 Optical audio out and 1 USB port to play content through USBs. As of the HDMI cable, you don’t have to buy that separately as a 6ft HDMI cable is included in the package.

Features: Well, it’s good that you can play online content from YouTube, Netflix, etc by using the internet through an ethernet cable. But what’s truly amazing is that the player commits that it can play Blu-ray discs from any region. This region free version lets you select the region of the disc when you insert it in the tray.

So if you own DVDs or Blu-Ray discs from multiple regions, then you can just sit back and enjoy that content on this player. Now, that’s what has been advertised, and it is true, except for the region B discs, the region under which the UK falls. So, if you want to play discs from the UK, then you might get disappointed.

And like with the last product by LG, this product also has SIMPLINK for better control.

Sound: A good picture quality also needs a good sound quality, as the combination of both makes the user experience much better. And we’ve already discussed the picture quality of the player, but what about the sound quality? Well, the Dolby True HD and Dolby Digital Plus give you a high definition sound, so you don’t have to worry about missing on dialogues from your favourite movie.

Can play 3D content

SIMPLINK feature available

Nice video quality and 1080p upscaling

Isn’t fully region restriction-free

5. Samsung BD-J5100

Samsung BD-J5100

Cheapest In Samsung

  • 1080p
  • Inbuilt Apps
  • Quick Start Mode

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Design: The design of this Blu-ray player by Samsung is pretty solid. It is 9 x 8 x 3 inches in dimension and weighs 3.35 pounds. The only problem with the design is that the player doesn’t have a light to indicate whether the player is on or off, which can be really confusing at times.

Upscaling and Video Resolution: This player commits to good upscaling and promising video quality with a maximum resolution of 1080p. So, if you decide to go with this player, then you’ll surely experience a clear picture, even with your older DVDs. It would have been great if the player supported 4K resolution, but given the cheap price of the product and its amazing performance, I am not complaining.

Connectivity: The player doesn’t support Wi-Fi, but it does have an ethernet port for internet connectivity. So, if you require Wi-Fi and additionally, you’re really bad at managing cables, then this product might not be a good fit for you.

Along with an ethernet port, it has 1 HDMI, 1 USB, and 1 optical digital audio port. Moreover, what’s really convenient is that a 6ft HDMI cable is included with the bundle. So, if you take wireless connectivity out of the equation, then this player does have all the necessary connectivity options.

Features: You’d be delighted to know that the player has inbuilt apps like Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. But if for some reason, you’re not satisfied with the installed apps, then you can download other apps from their Opera app store. And then finally you can stream the content on those apps by connecting the player with the internet using an ethernet cable. Other than that, the player has a quick start mode, which enables the player to start within 10-15 seconds.

Sound: The DTS surround makes sure you get a clear and audible sound for a better experience. Because of surround sound and relevant bass, you won’t see the sound quality dropping when you’re a little bit far from the device.

Quick start mode

Good video quality and upscaling

Built-in apps with the opera app store

No light to show that the player is on

Wrapping Up

So, these are the 5 best cheapest Blu-ray players according to our research. We know that the most important thing in a Blu-ray player is upscaling and video quality. That is why we’ve only included the products which don’t compromise on these two factors. And things like Wi-Fi connectivity and video resolution are kind of a personal choice. It is for you to decide what do you exactly want in your Blu-ray player. And we hope that you were able to single out one best player for yourself from the given list.


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