An electric snow blower is ideal for decks, short driveways, and small yards proving to be very efficient in clearing snow with very little effort.

You can put an end to the ceaseless shoveling followed by the pain of physical exertion if you buy an electric snow blower which is much easier to handle.

All you have to do is plug it in and then direct it around using the handle and the machine would do its work by ingesting the snow on the ground and throwing it far away, clearing your driveway before you know it.

The act of choosing an electric snow blower that is perfectly in line with your budget and your needs can be confusing. Therefore we did extensive research on products selection and presented you the best electric snow blowers available in the market.

Best Electric Snow Blowers

1. Snow Joe SJ621

Snow Joe SJ621 Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

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The Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 single-stage electric snow blower, in addition to being easy to assemble, start, store and handle, is highly efficient and is suitable for large patios, paths, and driveways.

Colour: Blue

Type: Single Stage


  • This snow blower can move up to 650 pounds of snow per minute and is propelled by a 13.5 amp motor.
  • Its four-blade auger built of heavy grade steel can cut through snow 10 inches deep with a clearing width of 18 inches in each pass.
  • Snow Joe SJ621 can cover up to 2450 sq feet/hour and makes it ideal to remove snow from large backyards and driveways.
  • This snow blower has an adjustable discharge chute that can be rotated, covering an angle of 180 degrees which facilitates the handler of the machine to choose the direction in which the snow is dispelled.
  • The adjustable nature of the chute deflector helps to determine the height of the snow stream up to 20 feet.
  • SJ621 operates on electric power with the robustness of a gas-consuming machine, but without the hassle involving a heavy gas machine.

Additional Perks:

  • It can be effortlessly maneuvered because of its compact, easy-glide, pivot wheels and also because of the push button technology and ergonomic handle.
  • This machine is also embellished with a 20W halogen light that makes it possible for one to clear snow at night as well.

Powerful 13.5amp motor

Can remove 650lbs of snow in 1 minute


20 W Halogen headlight to assist clearing snow at night

Adjustable discharge chute rotating up to 180 degrees and adjustable chute deflector

Has difficulty in removing wet slushy snow

Using the machine without tangling the power chord requires some practice

2. Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower 2600502

Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower

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This single-stage snow blower is perfect for small driveways and patios and does justice to the money you pay for it. Jacketed in a visually pleasing green, Greenworks Snow Thrower 2600502 rampages through snow and clears it with ease, being propelled by an efficient motor.

Colour: Green

Type: Single Stage


  • It possesses a powerful 13 amp motor.
  • The machine’s chute can be rotated up to 180 degrees, enabling the user to discharge snow in the preferred direction.
  • The snow can be thrown up to 20 feet.
  • It has 7-inch wheels that provide accentuated mobility and easy maneuverability.
  • It has a clearance width of 20 inches and can cut through 10 inches deep snow.
  • The runtime of this snowblower is unlimited – you plug in the machine and you are good to go.
  • This machine is lightweight (32lbs) as a result of which it is easy to handle

Additional Perks:

  • The machine can be started just at the push of a button.
  • It comes with Dual LED lights which makes it possible to use it at any time.
  • The collapsible handles, making the snow blower easy to store.
  • It operates smoothly, generating less noise and vibration while it runs.

Efficient 13amp motor

Adjustable chute with rotary span of 180 degrees

Resourceful 7-inch wheels adding to the mobility of the machine

Lightweight and easy to maneuver

Clearance width of 20 inches and depth of 10 inches

Dual LED lights to increase visibility

Easy to store


The auger is made of plastic

Operates only on 120 volts

Difficult to clear heavier snow or ice

3. Snow Joe SJ627E

Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower

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This is one of the best electric snow blowers as its motto proclaims it to be– “Maximum Power + Maximum Performance”. In addition to being a 15 amp electric unit, it has the widest clearing width and is one of its kind, perfect for clearing large driveways without any hassle.

Colour: Blue

Type: Single Stage


  • Boasting the power of a gas machine, SJ627E has a 15 amp motor and a steel auger that work together to make the machine almost invincible.
  • The steel auger has rubber tipped blades and facilitates the movement of the snow off the ground and to the chute.
  • SJ627E can remove 840 pounds of snow per minute.
  • It can clear snow from up to 13 inches deep and 22 inches wide in a single pass. Thus proving effective for removing snow from considerably big driveways and walkways.
  • The discharge chute, being adjustable up to an angle of 180 degrees allows you to determine the trajectory of the ejected snow.
  • This snow blower is crafted in a manner that the snow stream can be directed up to 25 feet away by adjusting the angle of the chute deflector.

Additional Perks:

  • In addition to the push-button technology that allows you to start the machine using a single button, this snow blower has a safety switch that will prevent the occurrence of any probable accidents.
  • The machine is fitted with dual LED headlights that will light up the surface that is being cleared, enabling the machine to be used in the dark as well.
  • Easy to handle with the purposeful 7-inch tyres.

Durable and strong steel auger with rubber tipped blades

Powerful 15amp motor

Can remove 840 pounds of snow per minute

Perfect for big driveways and walkways

Snow can be thrown up to 25 feet away

Safety switch to prevent possible accidents

LED headlights to aid the usage of the machine at night

Difficult to remove heavy or half frozen snow as they get clogged in the chute

Handling the machine without tangling the power cord might be tedious

4. Snow Joe SJ625E

Snow Joe SJ625E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

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When it comes to removing thick layers of snow from your large deck or yard, Snow Joe SJ625E Electric Snow Thrower qualifies as one of your best options. Built with the intention of clearing snow from a large area, this machine is the proud owner of a sturdy steel two-bladed auger that enthusiastically removes snow the moment the power is turned on.

Colour: Blue

Type: Single Stage


  • Easy to start the machine by pressing a button. Also, effortless to store and maintain, unlike gas snow blowers.
  • This snow blower can move up to 800 pounds of snow per minute with its 15amp motor.
  • In addition to being a visual treat to the eyes with its sleek coat, SJ625E has a fashionable yet durable steel auger with dual rubber blades.
  • Covering a depth of 12 inches and width of 21 inches in one pass, this snow blower exercises its functions best in mid-sized driveways and yards owing to its impeccable ploughing capacity.
  • Dispelling the snow comes with directionality as the discharge chute is rotatable up to an angle of 180 degrees and can throw the snow up to 20 feet.
  • The 8inch wheels of the machine are suitable for all terrains, making the machine compatible with any area ranging from a lawn to a driveway.

Additional Perks:

  • This snow blower has a carefully constructed scraper blade at its base which scrapes the snow efficiently without causing any damage to the surface that it is being used on.
  • The handle is foldable which adds to its easy storage.
  • The machine is fitted with 3W LED light which aids in clearing snow at night by increasing visibility.

Sturdy steel dual bladed auger

Powerful 15amp motor that can move 800lbs snow per minute

Collapsible handle for easy storage

LED lights to ensure usability at night

Adjustable discharge chute spanning an angle of 180 degrees

Snow discharge up to 20 feet

Compact, easily maneuverable all-terrain wheels

The LED lamp is of full use only if it is pitch dark

It might be tricky to operate the deflector

5. WEN 5662 Blaster

WEN 5662 Blaster 13.5-Amp 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower

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This uber elegant tangerine snow blower works its magic on small driveways and patios, eliminating your worst nightmare of shoveling snow deposited all over the place without any warning. Its lightweight design makes it easier to handle the machine as well as to use it to plough the snow.

Colour: Orange

Type: Single Stage


  • WEN Snowblaster 5662 is propelled by a powerful 13.5amp engine.
  • Ejecting 490 pounds of snow per minute, this electric snow blower cuts through snow 7.8 inches deep and 18 inches wide.
  • The snow chute can be rotated using a hand crank that will turn it to 180 degrees and the dispelled snow can be blasted up to 20 feet away. The discharge chute, being wide-mouthed, puts an end to blockage while the machine is functioning.
  • The height of the arc at which the snow is blasted can be adjusted up to 10 feet high using the spring-loaded lever.
  • The machine comes with an extension cord wrangler which prevents the snow blower from accidentally being unplugged while the machine is operated.

Additional Perks:

  • The machine, in addition to being lightweight, has a sturdy carrying handle that makes it easier to transport it. This, combined with its collapsible frame ensures easy storage of the snow blower.
  • The tough 6-inch wheels that never go flat makes it possible to use the machine on any terrain and in any harsh conditions.
  • The power bar when pressed against the soft insulated handle ensures starting the machine quickly and conveniently.

Powerful 13.5amp engine

Clearing depth of 7.8 inches and width of 18 inches.

Blasts 490 pounds of snow per minute

Minimal blockage of snow due to wide mouthed, rotatable chute

Extension cord wrangler to ensure safety

All-glide, sturdy wheels that increases mobility and maneuverability

Collapsible frame enhancing easy storage

Most of the machine is made of plastic

6. Snow Joe SJ623E

Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

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This versatile snow blower by Snow Joe is a delight to the eyes owing to its sleek blue color and is embedded with the power to obliterate 720 pounds of snow per minute, making it worthwhile to use it on big yards and driveways. Not only does this machine have a boosted performance but it is also very affordable!

Colour: Blue

Type: Single Stage


  • This is a heavy-duty model with a powerful 15amp motor and has a long life.
  • The robust heavy-grade steel auger is four-bladed and can remove snow up to 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep.
  • This snow blower’s scraper blade ensures that the path is cleared without damaging the surface on which the snow rests.
  • Being fitted with an all compatible ergonomic handle, this snow blower is conducive to the user who is in total control of the machine.
  • This machine boasts the performance of a gas machine despite being powered by electricity and can clear 720 pounds of snow per minute.
  • The pivoting discharge chute can be adjusted up to an angle of 180 degrees and the chute deflector can be adjusted to throw snow up to 25 feet away.

Additional Perks:

  • SJ623E has an onboard chute cleaning tool that would prove helpful in the case of a snow jam to free the chute from clogged snow.
  • This snow blower is fitted with a 20W headlight that would be an added benefit if you want to clear snow in the dark.

Efficient 15amp motor enclosed in a heavy-duty unit

Heavy-grade steel auger with four blades

Durable and perfect for large driveways

Can remove 720 pounds per minute

Can dispel snow up to 25 feet away

Comes with a 20W headlight facilitating night -time functioning

Has an on-board chute cleaning tool

The machine might jar on segmented concrete as the wheels are small

Wet snow tends to clog the machine

7. Snow Joe SJ620 Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ620 Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

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This lightweight snow blower is handy when it comes to removing snow from small to medium-sized driveways, yards, and decks. Snow Joe SJ620 is a single-stage snow thrower that can clear snow at the rate of 650 lbs per minute.

Colour: Blue

Type: Single Stage


  • It has a 13.5amp motor that works powerfully to facilitate the removal of 650 pounds of snow per minute.
  • This snow blower has an “auger assisted drive system” and possesses a durable four-bladed heavy-grade steel auger.
  • The swath of snow that Snow Joe SJ620 can remove measures 10 inches deep and 18 inches wide in each pass.
  • You are given complete control over the direction in which the snow stream is ejected as the discharge chute can be pivoted up to 180 degrees and the chute deflector can be adjusted to throw the snow up to 20 feet away.
  • As the machine is installed with the push-button technology, starting this snow blower is hassle-free – all you have to do is push a button and you can proceed to obliterate snow.
  • This machine can easily remove around 2450 square feet of snow per hour.

Additional Perks:

  • It has a safety switch to prevent the machine from being powered on accidentally.
  • The maneuverability of this snow blower is heightened by its compact wheels that can pivot easily, making it effortless to turn the machine following each pass.
  • Its scraper blade works efficiently ensuring that the deck or walkway that you are clearing is not damaged in the slightest.

Mighty 13.5amp motor

Easy to start, store and handle

Snow can be thrown up to 20 feet

Push-button technology

Ergonomic handle

Safety switch to prevent accidental starting

More passes required to clear driveways

Difficult to use on wet snow

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So now, when you get ready to buy a new electric snow blower you can make an informed choice. Remember that electric snow blowers are much lighter, less noisy, and hassle-free to start, store and maintain compared to gas machines. The mess involved in mixing oil and gas, maintaining the machine between snowstorms, and handling it is non-existent in the case of electrically powered snow blowers.

Before you move for the purchase, have a look at the factors about snow thrower listed below.

Snow Blowers Buying Guide

Shoveling snow out of your pavement or sidewalk is undoubtedly a tedious task and especially when you have to do that alone. However, the snow blower or snow thrower machine can help you with this chore.

But how to buy the best snow blower machine? To sort that out we have a complete buying guide of a snow thrower for you. Have a look.

Machine Basics

electric snow blower parts

1. Auger

Auger is basically the blades of the machine which cuts down the snow. In some  snow blower, the auger does the work of cutting and digging the snow as well as throwing the snow out of the machine by itself. Such snow blowers are known as single-stage snow blowers.

2. Impeller

The Impeller is sort of an exhaust fan that sucks the snow which is cut down by the auger and helps the machine in throwing the snow to a larger distance. The Impeller is situated at the backside of the auger.

The snow blowers that use an auger and impeller for operations are called 2 stage or double stage snow blowers.

3. Accelerator

The accelerator as the name suggests is there in some snow thrower machine to fasten the process of clearing the snow. The machines that use an accelerator are fast and throw the snow to the farthest. The machines that use an accelerator along with auger and impeller are called three-stage snow blowers.

4. Discharge Chute

The Discharge chute is the way through which the snow is thrown out of the machine. It works like a chimney and comes in two materials: plastic and metal. Irrespective of the type of snowblower each one has a discharge chute to throw the snow out of the machine.

Types Of Snow Blowers

There are mainly three types of snow blower machines based on how they work, single stage, double stage, and three-stage snow blowers. These machines are further divided into 2 categories based on their fuel type i.e gas-powered or electric powered.

types of snow blowers

1. Single-Stage Snow Blowers

The single-stage blowers use only the auger to cut the snow and throw it out through the discharge chute. It is called a single-stage machine because here a single part i.e the auger is doing all the work which is cutting the snow and then throwing it out of the machine.

These machines are small and lightweight so you can easily pull and push them around. You can get a single-stage snow blower in two fuel types Electrical and Gas powered

a. Single Stage Electric Snow Blowers

The electrical snow blowers are single-stage snow blowers that run on electricity. These blowers are for the area that receives less snowfall. Also, these snow blowers should only be used on a paved pathway since the auger on single-stage blowers touches the ground. So if you use these on gravel then it will start throwing stones with snow. The Electrical snow blowers are of two types: the corded blowers and the battery-powered snow blowers.

i. Corded Snow blowers

If you have a small area to clean which can also be cleaned by a shovel then a corded snow blower can help you there. These machines can dig up to 4 inches of snow but since they are corded you can only use them in a limited area. However, these machines are lightweight and easy to store and also need the least maintenance from your side.

ii. Battery Powered Snow Blower

The battery power snow blowers are a great alternative to the corded ones, since these run on the battery, you are not limited to an area. These machines are easy to maneuver and start easily without a hassle. Also when compared to a corded snow blower these machines can dig a little deeper in the snow and can clear more area than them.

b. Single-Stage Gas Snow Blowers

Similar to electric snow blowers, these gas-powered snow blowers are single-stage machines that are good for cleaning the small area and less amount of snow. These machines are however a little more powerful than their electrical counterparts. But these machines make more noise and are also more expensive than the former.

So if you want a single-stage snow blower you can go with battery-powered ones since they are easy to maintain and require little to no maintenance.

2. Double Stage Snow Blowers

In the double stage snow blowers, the auger cuts the snow and feeds it into the impeller which throws the snow out of the discharge chute. Since it uses two stages to cut and throw the snow out of the machine it is called a double stage snow blower.

These machines are used in places where they receive heavy snowfall. Also unlike the single-stage snow blowers, the augers on these machines do not touch the ground so you can use them on any kind of surface. Moreover the two-stage snow throwers come with engined powered wheels so you can use them on any terrain.

Double Stage Gas Snow Blowers

The Double stage snow blowers are best for areas that receive snowfall up to 16 inches. The impeller on these machines helps it in fast cleaning the snow and throws it up 25 feet away.

These machines are also bigger and heavier than the single-stage snow blowers but since they have powered wheels it is easy to maneuver them. But these machines need a lot of maintenance and are quite expensive when compared to single-stage machines. Overall, these are a must if you live in a heavy snowfall area.

3. Three Stage Snow Blowers

The three-stage snow blowers are for you if you live in the snowiest place on the earth. In the three-stage blowers the auger is assisted by an accelerator to cut the snow and feed it to the impeller at a great speed.

These machines are a beast when it comes to throwing the snow out of the way. You can use a three-stage snow blower in a place where you receive a snowfall of 18 inches or more. The best part about these machines is that they can even cut wet snow out of their way. Also, similar to the dual-stage snow blower you can use these machines on any surface and any terrain.

Three-Stage Gas Snow Blower

The three-stage snow blower is somewhat similar to a two-stage snow blower but bigger and better. These machines use an accelerator and that’s what makes them different from others and thus they are able to clear a bigger area in less time.

However, you can settle with a two-stage snow blower since these machines are the most expensive and need more maintenance. Also, these take a lot of space for storage.


There are some features that you must look for when buying snow blowers. These features make snow blowing easier and a fun activity to do.

1. Speed Settings

The speed setting controls the speed of the snow blower in the forward and backward direction. Multistage snow blowers have 4 to the 6-speed controls but the single-stage snow blower only has a single speed setting. The multi-speed settings help you move the blower in heavy snowfall and prevents it from clogging.

2. Electric Start

Most gas-powered blowers have two types of start mechanism: the old fashion pull-start and the second one is the electric start. The electric start feature is a must because in cold weather the engine gets cooled down and doesn’t start quickly using the pull cord.

But using the electric start in which you have to connect your machine to an outlet using a power cord you can start the machine by just pressing the start button. Once the engine is ON you can then unplug the machine from the outlet and you are good to go.

3. Power Steering

In multistage snow blowing machines, you get the feature of power steering which makes rotating the heavy machine at the end of the path easier. There is a trigger on both the hands which allow you to turn the machine in either direction with single-hand use.

4. Headlights

Heaving a headlight on the snow thrower machine allows you to clear the snow from the path even in the dark.

5. Discharge Chute Control

On the multi-stage machine, you can change the horizontal and vertical direction of the chute using a joystick or a crank given on them.

While on a single-stage snow blower the direction is changed by the handle made on the chute. Make sure the handle is long enough so that you can change the direction even from behind the machine.

Snow Blowing Attachments

snow blower attachments

You can get these attachments for your truck, tractors, cars, ATVs, lawn mowers, etc. You just have to attach these snow blowing attachments to the bonnet of your vehicle and you are good to go.

These attachments can clean more area than a standard snow blower in the same amount of time. Also, you can choose from a two-stage or three-stage snow blowing attachments as per your need.


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