F&D T200X

F&D T200X Specs

F&D T200X

F&D T200X is a Bluetooth speaker which can also be connected to the music devices via wire too apart from the Bluetooth. This wireless speaker is 45.4(H) x 44(W) x 29(D) cm in dimension and weighs 17.4 lbs, which is a little heavy and is not portable. This 2.1 Bluetooth speaker is made of wood and comes in Black color. Along with the speakers, you will get a remote control in the box. This is used to control the volume, power, mute and other functions.

F&D T200X Specs


Brand: F&D

Model: T200X

Package Content: 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker, Remote Control, User Guide



Color: Black

Dimension: 45.4(H) x 44(W) x 29(D) cm

Weight: 17.4 lbs

Material: Wood



Frequency Response: 135Hz-20kHz

Impedance: 20.32dB

No. of Speakers: 2

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 70 dB

Audio Output Mode: 2.1 Channel Surround



Power Output: 70W

Power Source: Adapter



Bluetooth: Yes, Bluetooth v4.0

Remote Control: Yes



Type: Wired | Bluetooth



Price(India): ~Rs. 6,490



Bluetooth v4.0 technology is provided in F&D T200X speaker system. The frequency response of this speaker is 135-20kHz and Impedance of 20.32dB. And there are two speakers provided in T200X system to give 2.1 channel surround audio output mode. With a subwoofer, there are two standing bars that will look stunning wherever you place it in the room.

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