Mackie SRM450

Mackie SRM450 Specs

Mackie SRM450

When someone talks about loudspeaker, Mackie speakers are always on the list. Mackie SRM450 is rectangular in shape and compact (26.1 x 16.0 x 14.8″). No doubt that this loudspeaker is a little light if compared with other loudspeakers and weighs around 37 lbs. The Mackie SRM450 can be placed on the stand which comes with the speakers itself. Talking about drivers, it comes with 12″ High-Output LF Driver and 1.4″ Titanium Dome Compression Driver.

Mackie SRM450 Specifications


Brand: Mackie

Model: SRM450

Type: Loudspeaker



Color: Black

Dimension: 26.1 x 16.0 x 14.8 inches

Weight: 37.0 lbs



Frequency Response: 47Hz-20kHz (-3dB), 42Hz-23kHz(-10dB)

Max. Sound Pressure Level: 128 dB

Crossover Frequency: 3kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion: <1%

Woofer Diameter: 12″



Rated Power: 500 W RMS, 1000 W Peak (overall)



Type: Wired



Price (USD): ~ $499.99

Price(India): ~Rs. 37,690



The 1000 W power of Mackie SRM450 gives you high output. The frequency response of the speaker is 47Hz-20kHz (-3dB), 42Hz-23kHz(-10dB) and the crossover frequency is 3kHz. And the total harmonic distortion is even less than 1%. Apart from that, the speaker comes with in-built 2-Channel Mixer. This speaker looks a little big but are easily portable. You can connect Mackie SRM450 to mics, music devices, guitars and many other gadgets.

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