The moment you buy a new iPhone, you start searching for a phone cover that can offer maximum protection during accidental drops. Not only should the case protect your iPhone but it should also adhere to certain standards of functionalities like the ease of using the buttons, case coverage, and the facilitation of the wireless functions of your iPhone. We have compiled a list comprising of the 10 most protective cases that you can buy for your iPhone 11.

Top 10 Most Protective iPhone 11 Cases

1. Kitoo iPhone 11 Case: 10ft. Drop Tested

Kitoo case

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This iPhone 11 case excels not only in offering high-grade protection to your phone but also in being one of the most fashionable iPhone cases in the market.


  • This carbon fiber case has a sleek design that adds elegance to the phone as well as its user.
  • This case fits an iPhone 11 perfectly with no room for mistakes. The ease with which it can be put on and taken off is unparalleled.
  • It provides complete protection to your phone, fortifying all the corners as well as the edges, thereby protecting it from almost all possible falls.
  • It has a raised lip of 2mm above the camera to ensure minimal or zero scratches or other damages to your camera lens from accidental falls.
  • This case is constructed of shock-absorbent TPU material.
  • In addition to being wireless charging friendly, this case provides no interference to the transmission of any wireless signals.
  • The precise cut-outs facilitate easy accessibility to the ports and the buttons.
  • Being thin and light, this iPhone case fits snugly in your hand.

 Sturdy carbon fibre case


 Perfect fit without any unwanted spaces

 Sleek and stylish

 Lightweight and easy to carry

 Protection enhanced by rubber bumper and raised lips above the camera

 Built of shock-absorbent material

 Might require a pop socket for better grip owing to its smoothness

2. Amuoc iPhone 11 Case: 15ft. Drop Tested

iPhone 11 Case Military Grade Protective Case

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This military-grade phone case offers ultra-protection to your iPhone 11.


  • This phone case is dual-layered, ensuring additional protection to your phone from all angles. The combination of PC and TPU material upgrades the quality of protection.
  • In addition to being shockproof and scratch-resistant, this phone case is non-slip, anti-collision, and impact-resistant.
  • The corners of your iPhone will be protected by the case’s air cushion technology.
  • Your phone’s camera is well shielded by the raised lips of this iPhone case which prevents direct contact of the lens with the impact surface.
  • This phone case comes with a kickstand that makes it easier for you to watch a movie or a video. It can also be attached to the magnetic car holder, enhancing your experience of navigating the routes while driving.
  • It also employs impact dispersion technology which protects your phone from heavy impact from accidental falls.

 Dual-layered, extra protection

 Employs Impact Dispersion Technology

 Shockproof, impact-resistant, scratch-resistant

 Corners of the phone protected by air cushion technology

 Built-in kickstand

 Raised lips protect the camera and the edges of the phone

 Can be mounted on a magnetic car holder easily

 Not compatible with wireless charging

3. X-Doria Defense Shield: 10ft. Drop Tested Protective Case

X-Doria Defense Shield, iPhone 11 Case

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This military-grade phone case is drop tested to survive 10 feet fall and is one of the best cases most suited to protect your iPhone 11.


  • X-Doria’s Defense Shield iPhone case is built with a combination of hard polycarbonate, soft rubber, and anodized aluminum metal to ensure maximum protection to your phone.
  • The replacement of plastic with metal in the case is the highlight of this brand. It facilitates military-grade protection from accidental drops or impacts.
  • One of the perks of this case is that it does not hinder you from flashing the original color of your iPhone and provides transparency.
  • The sounds from the bottom speaker of your iPhone can be amplified and redirected to the front of your phone case by its integrated sound channel.
  • This case is also compatible with wireless charging.
  • In addition to being sturdy and durable, this phone case is not at all bulky.

Military-grade protection

Built of anodized aluminum metal, hard polycarbonate and soft rubber.

 Sturdy and durable

 Compatible with wireless charging

 Not bulky

 Integrated sound channel

 Transparent back to display phone colour

 Difficult to get the phone in and out of the case

4. Amuoc iPhone 11 Case: 15ft. Drop Tested

Amuoc iPhone 11 Case with Glass Screen Protector 15ft Drop Tested Protective Case

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Amuoc’s iPhone case not only keeps your phone super-safe but also has additional benefits that enhance your experience with your iPhone.


  • This phone case is replete with air cushion technology to protect the corners of your phone. And provides all-round military-grade protection, enabling your phone to survive high impacts without damages.
  • It comprises of a transparent, toughened back cover that lets you display the color of your iPhone and is anti-touch and anti-fingerprint in nature.
  • The level of protection that this case gives does not compromise the ease of using it – it has a slim design and is not at all bulky.
  • This phone cover comes with a metal kickstand that has a rotatability of 360 degrees.
  • The built-in kickstand assists in placing the iPhone in the perfect angle for conveniently watching movies and videos.
  • This kickstand can also be attached to magnetic car mount holders to facilitate easy navigation while driving.
  • The phone case comes with two tempered glass screen protectors.
  • It also has textured edges that ensure a better grip while handling your phone.

 Sturdy and durable

 Military-grade protection

 Air cushion technology


 Transparent back cover

 Slim design

 Kickstand that rotates 360 degrees

 Increased grip owing to textured edges

 Comes with two tempered glasses

 Not compatible with wireless charging

5. i-Blason Ares Cover: 20ft. Drop Tested

i-Blason Ares iPhone 11 Dual Layer Rugged Clear Bumper Case

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This stylish phone case is the dream come true for most iPhone 11 owners owing to its dual-layered front and back protection in addition to its presentability in terms of fashion.


  • i-Blason’s Ares series of phone covers comprise of full-body clear cases made of TPU and polycarbonate, providing high standards of protection to your iPhone in case of accidental falls, bumps, and impacts.
  • Being precisely cut, this case ensures easy access and usage of all the buttons, camera, and speakers.
  • This iPhone case is dual-layered and has a screen protector that guards your phone’s screen against any scratches or other such damages.
  • The clear back cover puts the original color of your iPhone in display and is scratch resistant. While the front cover does not compromise the touch sensitivity of the phone screen in any way.
  • The phone case is shockproof and hence durable.
  • It is also compatible with wireless charging.
  • The elevated bezels of this phone case ensure that the camera lenses, as well as the edges do not come in direct contact with the impact surface.

 Dual-layered full body protection

 Precisely cut

Comes with screen protector

 Shockproof, scratch-resistant

 Compatible with wireless charging

 Elevated bezels to strengthen protection

Enclosed within this case, your phone becomes a little bulky

6. Kitoo iPhone 11 Case: 12ft. Drop Tested Protective Case

iPhone 11 Protective Case

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Kitoo’s iPhone case boasts of being one of the slimmest military-grade protective case, and not without reasons. Armoured in an eye-catching red hue, this phone case offers maximum protection with minimal bulkiness.


  • This phone case is built of high-quality shock-absorbent TPU and PC materials that give stable protection to your iPhone.
  • It protects all the corners and edges of your phone from accidental drops, all-angle collisions, and impacts.
  • It is precisely moulded with no loose gaps to fit your phone perfectly and enables unhindered use of all the buttons.
  • The unique design of this case gives it a strong grip owing to the wedges and grooves on its jacket.
  • This phone case also comes with a built-in foldable kickstand, enabling you to place your phone horizontally or vertically. It helps in watching videos and movies in full-screen mode without you having to hold the phone.
  • An added benefit of this phone cover is that it is lightweight and not bulky.

 Attractive red jacket

 Military-grade protection

 Shockproof and impact-resistant

 Complete protection inclusive of the corners and edges

 Good grip

 Built-in Kickstand

 Not bulky

The retractable kickstand sometimes becomes loose.

7. SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro: Full Body Rugged Case

SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case Designed for iPhone 11

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This iPhone 11 case is one of the winners of CNET’s annual “Best Case Scenario” drop test and lives up to its fame.


  • This durable case is made of multi-layered high-grade TPU and polycarbonate materials that give all-round protection to your iPhone 11.
  • It has a front cover with a built-in screen protector that guards the phone’s screen against scratches and shattering during accidental falls and collisions.
  • Consisting of an impact-resistant bumper, this case gives military-grade protection to your iPhone.
  • This cover also has a built-in kickstand that ensures a great hands-free experience while watching movies or videos.
  • Its unique lightweight design combined with the dual-layer makes the case ultra-protective and shockproof.
  • This phone case comes with a detachable swiveling belt clip holster that lets you carry your phone hands-free and pocket-free.
  • It is also highly compatible with wireless charging and hardly takes seconds to initiate charging when placed on the wireless charger.

 Military-grade protection


 Full body protection


 Built-in screen protector

 Has a rotatable belt holster clip

 Compatible with wireless charging

Adds a little bulk to your phone

8. i-Blason Cosmo Stylish Protective Case: 10 ft. Drop Tested

i-Blason Cosmo Series Case

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This protective iPhone case, in addition to guarding your phone against drops, bumps and falls, is stylish and chic.


  • This phone case offers 360 degrees of protection to your iPhone as it is dual-layered.
  • Being made of impact-resistant, shock-absorbing TPU material, this cover shields your iPhone from the frequent accidental falls that it might encounter.
  • The soft TPU bumper, apart from giving ample protection to the sides of your phone, heightens the grip and offers slip resistance.
  • The front cover of this case has a built-in screen protector that is touch-sensitive and scratch-resistant, offering maximum protection and complete functionality to your iPhone screen.
  • The raised bezels protect the corners and the camera lenses from breaking or getting damaged on impact. The raised lips serve the same purpose of protection of the screen.
  • Due to the precise cut out of the case, it is easy to access the buttons.
  • This case is compatible with wireless charging.


 Chic and in vogue design

 360-degree protection

 Raised lips and bezels for additional protection

 Compatible with wireless charging


 The screen protector is made of plastic film and is prone to hosting smudges and dirt that are not easily removable.

9. OTBBA iPhone 11 Case: Heavy Drop Protection

OTBBA iPhone 11 Heavy Drop Protection Cover Case

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This case offers full-body protection and transparent, showcasing the true elegance of your original iPhone jacket.


  • Built using a simple yet elegant design, this cover is made of the finest quality plastic and TPU material to provide ultra protection against drops and impacts.
  • This case offers full body protection and is anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint in nature. It is also not susceptible to yellowing or greasiness.
  • It has an enhanced anti-slip design ensured by the ruggedness of the rubberized frame that helps you grasp your iPhone.
  • The case also has triple shock series shockproof TPU bumper. It is scratch-proof in addition to being shockproof.
  • Despite the well-planned design to increase protection, this phone case does not add bulk to your phone – it is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The raised bezels ensure that the camera, as well as the screen, is protected from shatter, damages, and scratches on impact.
  • This phone case is precisely cut to tightly fit your phone and gives easy access to the buttons without any hassle.
  • It is compatible with wireless charging.

 Military-grade protection

 Scratch-resistant, anti-fingerprint, anti-yellowing

Enhanced grip by the rubberized frame

 Shock absorbent Bumper

 Compatible with wireless charging



 Raised bezels provide additional protection

It is little difficult to ease the phone out of the case

10. Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Apple iPhone 11

Spigen Tough Armor Cover

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This slim-framed iPhone cover is skinny yet tough and has the best of both worlds. While offering high-grade protection to your phone, it also gives an in-vogue makeover to it.


  • This phone case combines TPU and polycarbonate for dual protection of your iPhone.
  • It comes with a built-in reinforced kickstand which acts as the backbone of the phone when you want to have a handsfree experience of watching a movie or a video.
  • It employs air cushion technology which renders the case shockproof and prevents any kind of damage that your phone might be vulnerable to, following accidental drops.
  • This protective phone case is designed to have raised lips to ensure additional shielding to the camera as well as the edges of your iPhone 11. The lifted edges ensure that your phone does not gain any surface scratches even when placed on a rough surface.
  • The case is precisely cut and fits the phone perfectly, enveloping it snugly. This ensures that the buttons on the phones are easily accessible as well as responsive.
  • It also supports wireless charging.

 Military-grade protective armour

 Constructed using strong TPU and polycarbonate


 All-round protection

 Impact absorption through air cushion technology

 Shockproof, scratch-resistant

 Lifted edges and bezels for additional protection

 Compatible with wireless charging

 Cannot use a pop socket due to the Apple logo cut.

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Now that you know more about the most protective iPhone 11 cases and covers, you will have no difficulty in choosing the perfect phone case for you. Before you decide, just keep in mind that your phone is something that you use daily and the protective case that you choose for it should be in tandem with your needs. This list will help you compare and contrast the best cases, enabling you to choose the right one for your daily requirements.


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