best hair dryer under 50 dollars

Are you scratching your head to find the best affordable hair dryers? Don’t worry, we understand that it is not easy to choose the hair dryer under budget among the plethora of others available in the market.

To make things easier for you, we have done some extensive research for days and came up with the list of best hair dryers under $50.





Trezoro Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

NITION Ceramic Hair Dryer

JINRI Hair Dryer 1875W


Conair Watt Compact Hair Dryer

Our Top 7 Best Hair Dryer Under $50

1. NITION Hair Dryer

The first product on this list is the NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer. This dryer has a ceramic-coated outlet grip that is charged with elements that are used in the hair care industry for a long time. These elements are Nano Silver, Argan oil, and Tourmaline.

Whenever the air blows through the outlet grill, it gets infused with these elements and helps make your hair healthy, smooth, and shiny. Other than that it’s a very lightweight product and stylish too. Moreover, it is very compact in size and you won’t feel any issue handling it whatsoever.

Also, you get 3 attachments with this hair dryer. So that you don’t have to stick to one hairstyle forever. The 3 heat settings and 2 wind speed settings help you make your desired hairstyle. Once you get your favorite hairstyle you can then use the cool shot button to lock that hairstyle for a long time.

Also, its 1875 Watt motor produces a very strong airflow that quickly blow dry your hair. Although it has a powerful motor, it does not make that much noise, so, you can dry your hair without disturbing others. Overall, it is a great hair dryer in the budget and you can go for it.

  • Has a powerful motornMultiple heat and wind speed settingsnCompact and stylish designnInfused ceramic coated outlet grip
  • Gets hot on continuous usage

2. JINRI Infrared Professional Hair Dryer

Now the next product on this list is a professional infrared hair dryer from JINRI. It is basically an 1875 Watt hair dryer that is capable of drying your hair faster than its counterparts. Moreover, it has an AC motor that produces less noise and more power.

Also, it uses infrared for creating a long wave of heat energy that evenly dries your hair from inside out. The negative ion technology of the dryer breaks the water molecules and fastens the drying process. The other benefit of this technology is that it seals the cuticles and hence reduces frizz and provides shiny looks to the hairs.

This quiet hair dryer is built with high-quality matte material and the overall design and feel of this dryer are quite impressive.

You also get other common features like multiple wind speed and heat settings along with the cool shot button. Apart from that, you get 3 attachments (Diffuser, Concentrator, and Comb) to make different hairstyles at home.

  • Has a high power AC motornErgonomic designnQuickly dries the hairs inside out
  • The buttons positioning could have been better

3. Babyliss Pro

If you are searching for a light weighted, easy to handle and comfortable traveling type hair dryer under $50, then Babyliss pro is worth giving attention to. It comes in a compact dimension and weighs less than 500 grams so it is both durable and lightweight.

The motor is 1000 Watt which might not be as powerful as some other products on the list but it is powerful enough to quickly dry your hair and add a style.

This titanium blow dryer emits heat at an even and steady temperature. Usually, titanium blow dryers are very helpful in reducing the drying time if one has thick hairs or lots of hairs.

You can use it worldwide as it is equipped for a voltage range of 110V to 250V. It also features 2 speed/2heat settings where you can set the temperature and speed of air emitted by the dryer.

The dryer comes with a foldable handle which makes it more durable and easy to use. Along with it, there will be a removable rear filter and stand to felicitate easy cleaning.

There is also the trustworthiness of Babyliss brand that got a good reputation in terms of hairdryers. So, if you are willing to purchase a handy, small, and lightweight hairdryer, then Babyliss is a good option for you to go with.

  • Ultra-lightweightnSmall and handy in sizenRemovable air filter and standnSuitable for travelingnBudget-friendly
  • The motor is only 1000WnDiffuser not included

4. Trezoro Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

If you are looking for a professional hair dryer for yourself in the budget then this dryer from Trezoro is the best choice. Its price is a little over the $50 mark but during the sale, you can easily get it under $50.

Also, 2200 watt DC motor, making it the most powerful blow dryer on this list.

Moreover, it has a built-in ion generator that shoots 16 million negative ions per cm³. These many negative ions lock up to 90% of your hair’s moisture and make them super glossy. Also, it has a ceramic tourmaline grill that makes your hair even more healthy and soft.

Apart from that, it dries your hair in very little time. All thanks to its mighty 2200 Watt DC motor.

With the fast speed and 2 concentrator nozzle attachments, it becomes the perfect hair styling tool for both men and women.

Not just that, this dryer is not only feature-rich but it also looks and feels very premium. With its silky touch body and non-slippery handle, it is very comfortable to hold as well. So overall it is a great hair dryer you can buy online under $50.

  • Has a very powerful DC motornLocks hair’s natural moisture with negative ionsnPremium designnPerfectly styles the hair of both men and women
  • Overheating issues due to powerful motor

5. Conair InfinitiPro Hair Dryer

If you want to dry your hairs like a pro then you need to go with this hair dryer from Conair. It has an 1875 Watt AC motor that dries your hair 50% faster than the average hair dryers. Moreover, it works on ionic technology that reduces frizz and makes your hair smooth and shiny.

It also uses ceramic technology that helps in uniform heat distribution and reduces the hair drying time. You can also customize the heat flow and wind speed with 3 different heat setting options and 2-speed modes.

This dryer also has a cool shot button which is a must in every professional hair dryer for locking the curls and styles. Also, for creating different hairstyles you get a diffuser attachment and a concentrator in the box as well.

There is a 6ft long power cord provided with this hair dryer so that you can easily dry your hairs even if the AC outlet is far. A hanging ring is also provided so that you can hang it in a safe place once your hairs are dry.

  • Has a powerful AC motornMakes hair smooth and shinynCool shot button for locking hairstyles
  • Makes noise

6. Conair Compact Hair Dryer

If you’re a wanderlust and craving for a hair dryer that can be your buddy in your travel days, then this can be the best hair dryer under 50 dollars for you.

The product is 3 x 4.2 x 7.6 inches in dimension, so we can say that the dinky size of this product assures that it’s not gonna take much space in your bag.

This Conair hair dryer comes with a foldable handle which makes it even more space-friendly and a perfect choice for travelers. Not only that, but the product also has a dual voltage system which makes it a fine choice for globetrotting.

The product surely looks small in size but its powerful motor of 1600 watt is enough to blow your brain out. Just kidding, but it can easily dry your hair even though they are quite long in length.

With two different speed controller buttons, you even adjust the dryer according to your hair type and hair size. The dryer gives you everything expected from a good hair dryer and that too at a low price.

  • Dual voltagenCan fold handlenGreat for travel
  • A little low power motor

7. Conair Styling Hair Dryer

Here comes another amazing product by Conair. If we talk about its appearance, the looks and design of this hair dryer are completely different from the usual hair dryers.

It comes with ionic technology and that too with 1875 Watt power, making it a perfect dryer to get frizz-free hair and finally leaving your hair with a natural hair shine.

It doesn’t matter what hairstyle you need or what hair type you have as the Conair styling hair dryer is absolutely perfect for everyone.

Along with the dryer, you also get 3 attachments. A styling comb for straight styles, detangling comb for nice and easy styling, and a bristle brush for volume and waves and that too for peanuts price.

Conair styling hair dryer is designed with hinged filters, resisting the lint buildup in vents, hence increasing the motor life.

If you’re planning to take this wonderful product on tours, you won’t regret it. The dryer has a dual voltage system that makes it an ideal choice while roaming all around the world.

  • Comes with 3 AttachmentsnDual Voltage supportnUnique design
  • Loose brush attachment

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Buying Guide For Best Hair Dryer Under $50

Choosing a hair dryer these days is not as easy as it would have been back in time. Earlier in the days, the blow dryers were not that complicated as they would just blow hot air and dry our hairs.

But now that ain’t the case, dryers these days come with a bunch of useful features and boast new technologies that has redefined blow dryers.

The key things to look for when shopping for a new hair dryer are the material that it’s made of, wattage, weight, and special features. You can read this buying guide to be more sure of what we are saying.

1. Type Of Blow Dryers

a) Personal Hair Dryers

The personal hair dryers were made for domestic usage and hence have low power motors when compared to professional dryers.

Also, these blow dryers are easier to handle and lightweight so that anyone can use them without any professional help. These hair dryers are also quite affordable and anyone can have them without thinking much about their budget.

b) Professional Hair Dryers

As the name suggests these hair dryers are meant for professional usages and thus are used by pro hair designers and salon professionals. These dryers may look similar to ordinary hair dryers but are relatively very powerful.

Also, the professional hair dryers mainly run on AC (Alternating current) and thus provide more power at low RPM. You can easily find these hair dryers in your local saloons. Also, these are quite expensive when compared to other dryers out there.

c) Travel Hair Dryers

The travel dryers have a compact design so that people can carry it wherever they go. These come with a foldable handle and are lightweight in design which makes them compact and easy to carry.

d) Wall Mount Hair Dryers

These are normal hair dryers but are mounted on the wall to save some space for you. You can get these dryers and mount them on your bathroom wall near the mirror for easy operations.

 e) Hooded Dryers

You must have seen these dryers in a saloon lately, but you can also get one for yourself at home. You just have to put your head under the hood and it shall dry your hairs while keeping your style intact.

2. Different Dryers For Different Hair Types

a) Thick And Frizzy Hair

For thick and frizzy hairs IONIC HAIR DRYERS are the best choice. The ionic technology reduces the hair drying time which is a must for thick hairs as they take long time to dry.

Moreover, the ionic technology retains the moisture in the hair thus making the frizzy hairs look shiny all day long.

b) Curly Hair

For curly hairs, any good hair dryer will do the job for you, however, make sure that the hair dryers come with Diffuser attachments. The diffuser spreads out the air equally on all parts of the head making it easier to dry stubborn curly hairs without losing the curls. If you already have a hair dryer then no need to buy a new hair dryer as you can buy the diffuser attachment separately.

c) Thin And Fine Hairs

People with thin and fine hair are most concerned about their hair as they are more prone to damage if not taken care of properly. Ceramic Hair Dryers can be a great choice for people with such concerns as these hair dryers are less harsh on hairs as they evenly distribute the heat.

For extra safety, you can go with a ceramic hair dryer that comes with adjustable heat settings so that you can control the temperature of the dryer.

d) Hair Dryer For Men

Men’s hairs are short and hence take comparatively very less time than drying long hairs. Hence a low wattage dryer is best suited for them, any blow dryer up to 1000 watts is good enough for men to take care of their hairs.

3. Technology And Coil Material Used In Blow Dryers

Different hair dryers come with different technologies for reducing hair drying time. Here are some of the main types of hair dryers based on the technology and coil material used in them.

a) Ionic Hair Dryer

The ionic hair drying technology is based on the theory of positive and negative ions. In the ionic dryers, a built-in electromagnetic field produces negative ions which cancel out the effect of positively charged water molecules and reduces the hair drying time.

By breaking the positive water molecules it curtails moisture within the hairs and gives them a shiny look. However, it can also over-dry your hair if you don’t use it properly and especially if you have thin hair.

b) Ceramic Hair Dryers

Ceramic hair dryers are the common types of dryers that can be used on any hair types. These are also less expensive when compared to an ionic hairdryer.

In ceramic dryers, the material ceramic is used in the coil of the dryer which allows it to evenly distribute hot air, thus preventing heat damage to hairs.

The ceramic hair dryers are also known as Porcelain dryers, so, don’t confuse yourself with that. Also, in ceramic hair dryers, infrared technology is used which uses longer energy wavelengths to dry the hairs inside out.

c) Tourmaline Dryer

The tourmaline hair dryers use the same technology as an ionic hair dryer i.e it uses negative ions for quick hair drying. However, these dryers go one step further and use more numbers of negative ions than a standard hair dryer.

This is possible due to the semi-precious metal known as tourmaline which is coated on the internal parts and its coil which produces extra negative ions.

d) Titanium Dryers

Titanium is known for being a lightweight material and hence when it is used in hair dryers it makes them light and compact as well.

Other than that, titanium is also known for its temperature consistency and hence provides an even heat distribution.

However, using a titanium dryer also increases the overall temperature of airflow, which can be good for people with thick hair but not for those who have fine hairs.

4. Attachments

Hair dryers are not just for drying your hairs but they are also capable of styling your hairs. There are different types of attachments that come with these dryers that help in styling.

a) Concentrator

The concentrator nozzle can be attached to the head of the hair dryers and is used to channelize the airflow to a specific part of the head. Also, these come in different sizes but they all work like the same.

b) Diffuser

Like the concentrator which concentrates the airflow on a specific part of your head, the diffuser as the name says, is used to diffuse the airflow and reduce its intensity. The diffuser is best for maintaining the style and curls of the hairs and is therefore mainly used for curly hair types.

c) Picks

The hair dryer picks are similar to a comb and are used for creating volumes at the root. Also, these comb-like attachments can be used to untangle intertwine hairs and stretch out the curls. These come in different shapes and sizes, so if you have shorter hair then you can get a short pick.

d) Stylers

The styler is an attachment for lazy people out there who don’t like holding the brush in one hand and dryer on the other. This attachment combines the hairbrush with the dryer for styling your hairs with single hand use.

e) Hair Bonnet Attachment

This attachment is a portable hair bonnet that you can attach to the mouth of your hair dryer and get salon-like hair care at home.

5. Wattage

Watt is a unit of power and in terms of a hairdryer, it measures how powerful the motor is. The more the wattage the more powerful is the motor.

A higher power motor generates more airflow, thus, a dryer with more wattage takes less time to dry your hair when compared to a less powerful dryer.

Average hair dryers have wattage in the range of 1500- 1875 watts, which is sufficient for most hair types. But if you have curly or largely dense hairs then you can go with an even more powerful dryer.

But you need to be cautioned while using a high wattage dryer as it can also damage your hairs if not taken care of properly.

Note: It has been seen that a higher wattage dryer has a longer life when compared to low wattage dryers.

6. Weight

Weight plays an important role in choosing the best hair dryer. If the dryer is on the heavier side then it can cause wrist pain while using it. However, a lightweight hair dryer can become a matter of concern for its durability.

So choose a dryer carefully so that it’s neither too heavy as a brick nor too lightweight as a feather. A good weight for a dryer is around 1 pound.

7. Cost

Hair dryers come in a wide range of price segments, starting around $15 and go up to even $500. Some of the most expensive hair dryers can even cost thousands of dollars.

The variation in price is mainly due to the technology and materials used in the manufacturing of these dryers.

Professional hair dryers cost more than personal hair dryers simply due to the fact that it boasts more features and technology in them. However, that doesn’t mean that cheap hair dryers are worthless.

8. Special Features

Dryers these days come with a lot of additional features that can help you in taking care of your hairs. Here are some of the cool features to look out for when buying a blow dryer.

a) Adjustable Heat Settings

This is a very handy feature that a dryer should have, with an adjustable heat setting you can decrease or increase the amount of heat airflow from the dryers depending upon your hair type.

If you have fine hairs then low heat settings are recommended for you, and if you have curly or dense hair then you can go with higher heat settings for quick hair drying.

b) Cool Shot Button

This is another handy feature to have in a hair dryer, when you press the cool shot button on your dryer, it starts blowing cool air instead of hot air. The cool air from the dryer helps lock curtails and makes them look shiny all day long.

c) Auto Shut-off

This is a great feature present in some of the hairdryers which shut off the dryer before it becomes too hot and heat damage your hairs. It cools down the dryer and makes it ready to use after some time.

d) Dual Voltage

Countries around the world use different voltages, like in India 220 V is used whereas in the USA 110 V is used. So if you are looking for a travel hair dryer then make sure it supports dual voltages.

e) Noise Reduction

High-wattage hair dryers or professional hair dryers which run on AC use a very powerful motor. The more powerful the motor the louder it is. Hence noise reduction feature is given to some of the hair dryers to reduce the noise.

Final Thoughts On Best Hair Dryer Under $50

So these were the best hair dryers available under $50. As we have done the research based on various factors, you can choose the one accordingly.

Whether you have thick or frizzy hairs or you want a ceramic or tourmaline technology dryer or looking for traveling, lightweight, or for other purposes as well, all the affordable dryers are listed.