4 Best TV Screen Cleaners

Almost every one of us spends a lot of bucks to buy a perfect television. But that hard-earned money would go to waste if we don’t know how to properly take care of that television. Like most people don’t realize that a television screen requires careful cleaning. And even if they do clean their television screen, they use regular cleaning chemicals that aren’t actually good for the screen. Wrong materials can lead to scratches on the screen, which in turn would affect your viewing experience. Like a good Anti Tip TV Safety Strap protects your TV, similarly you need to know what type of cleaning kit will be good for your TV’s screen safety. Because if done right, your TV screen could last even longer than you would expect.

But finding a good TV screen cleaner kit isn’t that easy. That is why we did our research and came up with 4 best TV screen cleaners, which we are going to discuss in this article.

Best TV Screen Cleaners

1. Screen Mom – Screen Cleaner Kit

Screen mom - Best TV screen cleaner

Screen Cleaning Kit

  • Odourless Spray
  • Microfiber Cloth

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Screen Mom is one of the most popular and best TV screen cleaners, which surely stand up to its reputation. This cleaner can clean almost every flatscreen, which includes but not limited to HD TVs, 4K, LCD, LED, Plasma, and OLEDs. The spray does its job to clean the screen really well and that too without leaving any streaks. So your screen will feel new every time you have it cleaned using Screen Mom. Moreover, you’d be relieved to know that the spray is odourless, so, you won’t be getting any strong smell of the spray.

Also, it comes with an extra-large microfibre towel, so there is no need to spend extra money on that. The smooth and lightweight towel does a really good job of cleaning the screen without leaving any scratches on it. However, it is important for the user to know the right procedure to use the cleaner to get better results. And the right way to use it is to first spray the cleaner on the microfiber towel and then clean the screen using the towel.

2. MagicFibre Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

Magicfibre microfibre cloth

Cleaning Cloth

  • Light weight
  • Microfibre cloth

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If you’re someone who doesn’t want to use any sort of chemicals to clean your screen, then this product is the one for you. This Microfibre cloth is made of a fibre which is 200 times lighter than your hair, so you can guess how light this product actually is. And the absence of any chemical doesn’t mean this cloth stay behind from the chemical cleaners in terms of cleaning. In no time, it completely wipes out any kind of fingerprint, oil, or dust from your television screen. And what’s impressive is that it doesn’t leave any streaks on your screen after cleaning.

The size of the cloth is small enough to be stored easily in small pockets of your camera’s bag and even in eyeglass cases. Also, the cloth is really smooth, which means you can even clean your camera lenses without worrying about any kind of scratch. You can wash the cloth if you think there’s a need and you’d surprised that the quality of cloth isn’t compromised even after multiple washes. So in short, if you’re a fan of a smooth and effective Microfibre cloth, then you should definitely go with this one.

3. Koala Kloth – Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

Koala Kloth TV Screen Cleaner

Cleaning Cloth

  • Washable
  • Microfibre Cloth

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If there’s a cloth that can stand against the last cleaning cloth we’ve talked about, then it’s the Koala Kloth. And how does it stands out from the last cleaning cloth? Well, this cloth is 6 times denser than any typical cleaning cloth out there. Being denser allows the cloth to absorb even the smallest dust or microscopic particles, which is really impressive. And this makes sure you don’t feel the need to use any other liquid cleaning agent with the cloth.

Also, the cloth is so smooth and light that it can be used on almost any type of the screen, from your TV screen to your telescope lens, it can clean everything. And as we are bragging that much about this amazing cloth, so it goes without saying that it won’t leave any type of streaks or scratch on your screen. And finally, let’s mention the most important part, which is that this product is washable and reusable. However, washing the cloth doesn’t affect the quality of the cloth, which means you can wash it as many times as you want and the cloth can even last your entire lifetime.

4. Tech Armor Pro Cleaning Kit With Wipes

Tech armor cleaning kit

Screen Cleaning Kit

  • Gel Screen Cleaner
  • Wipes & Microfibre Cloth

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Now, the last product on our list is Tech Armor’s pro cleaning kit. This kit includes a Gel screen cleaner, 20 device cleaning wipes, and 2 microfibre screen cloth. So you’ll be getting a lot given the cheap price of the product, and that’s good. The cleaning wipes are pre-moistened tissues and you can easily carry them in small pockets to be able to clear your other devices as well, apart from television, on the go. And as with the first product, the gel in this cleaning kit should also be sprayed on the microfibre cloth, and then the cloth should be used to clean the screen.

The Kit can be used to clean almost every type of screen without leaving any mark or scratch. However, the gel isn’t known to work that well with Mac screen with Retina display. As under that type of screen, it can leave air bubbles, which are almost impossible to get rid off. But on the other hand, it works really well on every other type of screen.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning the screen of the device, especially the screens of TV or laptops, is really important if you want to make it last longer. And cleaning is also important if you want to have a good viewing experience throughout its life. But finding a good TV screen cleaner is really difficult and any kind of wrong product can instantly ruin the screen completely. And we don’t want that to happen with your precious TV/Laptop Screen, that is why we mentioned the best TV screen cleaner products in this article that’ll surely work best for you.


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