How To Protect Your TV

People do a lot of things to protect their smartphones, tablets, and laptops but they hardly bother about their TVs. However, being an electronic product, television needs equal protection as any other electronic device.

Out of all components of the TV, the screen is the most delicate and important part of it and hence it requires the most care and protection.

Also, no matter how cheap or expensive the TV is, all are subject to damage due to technical or human errors.

In this article, we will show you some tips that will help you protect your TV against accidental damage and extend its lifetime.

Tips To Protect Your TV

1. Surge Protection

Surge protector

The first thing to make sure your TV has a long life, you need to invest in a good surge protection device for your TV. Without surge protection, the electronic components of your TV can get damaged during voltage fluctuations and electrical surges.

These devices are affordable and are readily available in the offline and online marketplace. You must invest in a good surge protection device and especially if you live in a place where power surges are common.

2. Keep The TV Dust Free

Dust is the biggest threat to an electronic device, it can go deep inside your TV and clog air circulation vents and cause overheating. Not just that, but moist or wet dust particles can damage your TV screen.

protect your TV screen usiing cleaning kit

To prevent your TV from dust you need to make sure it always stays dust-free. You can also invest in some good TV Screen cleaner, which will help you wipe off the dust from your TV with ease.

3. Find Right Location For Your TV

It is very important that you find a perfect place in your home where you can place your TV. Because of the location where you want to install your TV should be temperature and humidity constant.

Temperature and humidity can shrink the lifespan of your TV so it’s better to find a perfectly balanced place in your home to install the TV.

4. Keep The TV Out Of Your Kids Reach

If you have kids or pets at home, then you should make sure that your TV stays out of their reach or they are going to damage it.

You can mount your TV to the wall and save it from falling off the desk or TV stand. Almost all the TVs come with their original wall mounts, so you don’t have to spend money on them.

But, before mounting your TV to the wall you should take care of the viewing angle for a better TV viewing experience.

5. Use Anti-Tip Straps

anti-tip straps

If you are against wall mounting and want to stick to the TV stands then it’s better to use Anti-Tip TV safety straps. These straps firmly hold your TV to the place and protect them from flipping over.

If you have invested in a good TV stand then you should also invest in these straps as they will save your TV from the wrath of your kids and pets.

6. Screen Protectors

screen protectors

Screen Protectors are great to protect your TV screen from scratches and normal wear and tears. There are some screen protectors that come with anti-blue light filters, which reduces eye strain and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

These protectors come in all sizes, so you don’t need to worry about your TV’s screen size. Overall, a screen protector is a must, and especially if your TV is expensive. You can get these protectors online.

7. TV Cover

Few people prefer to have a cover on a TV when placed in an indoor area like the living room or bedroom.

But it becomes very important accessory especially when you are placing a TV in the outdoor area. There are some dedicated outdoor TV covers that can protect your TV from dust, moisture, and fog.


So these were some tips you can take help of and protect your TV to the fullest. If you own a very expensive TV set then you can also invest in TV insurance along with these tips to fully cover your TV against all the possible damages.

Moreover, if you liked these tips then don’t forget to share it with others, so that they can also protect their TVs.