Best Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls have created quite the revolution in the world of laundry! Dryer sheets and fabric softeners have been part of routine laundry protocol for a few decades now, but they have their flaws. They are made using a slew of chemicals and as a result, prove to be harmful to sensitive skin and even end up reducing the absorbency of clothes.

And here the wool dryer balls come to your rescue! They remove the shortcomings of the dryer sheets and fabric softeners, but they have two extra virtues which propel them to the top of our “favorite things” list- economical and eco-friendly.

First of all, they’re absolutely organic, made of premium quality wool. As they lack chemicals, they are hypoallergenic, unlike the fabric softeners which are pumped with fragrances and fillers.

Then these balls can be used for a really long time! The air and heat circulation they create when inside the dryer, cuts the drying time from 25-30%. And these balls last for a good 1000 loads of laundry. Thus they will bring down your electricity and fabric softener bills by a good lot!

Plus, these balls are natural softeners and leave no wrinkles after drying. Isn’t that neat?

We’ve shortlisted a few of our favorite brands so that you need not hunt for the best after you’ve ditched your chemical-laden softeners!

Best Wool Dryer Balls Reviews

1. Smart Sheep Balls

Smart Sheep balls

Price: $19.95 View on Amazon


If you have an infant at home, then the Smart Sheep wool dryer balls are the exact item you’re looking for! Unlike the dryer sheets that are made of synthetic components, these dryer balls are made of 100% New Zealand wool. The material is organic, hypoallergenic, and has no harmful chemicals to irritate your baby’s skin.

Other than the woolen items, these dryer balls also effectively dry the denim, blankets, and even bedsheets and have an excellent anti-static effect.

It helps to cut back on the drying time of a load of laundry- thus saving great amounts of energy and even money on your part!

[one_half] [icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] The wool has anti-static properties.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] It has fine fibers that catch even lint and pet hair.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] Unlike dryer sheets, they do not leave back chemical residue in your dryer.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] It can be used for a whopping 1000 loads of laundry, so you’re good to go for 3 years!

[/one_half] [one_half_last] [icon icon=”thumbs-down” color=”#dd3333″] The essential oils put on the balls last for a very short time, at most 2-3 drying cycles.


2. SnugPad

SnugPad Wool Dryer Ball

Price: $9.95 View on Amazon


It’s high time you gave up those non-biodegradable plastic dryer balls which put such a toll on the environment. But what do you replace them with?

SnugPad brings to you the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternative to your dryer sheets and plastic dryer balls. It is 100% organic and chemical-free, as it is made from premium New Zealand wool. Because of the solid quality of the material, the balls are hypoallergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Another top reason for you to select the SnugPad wool dryer balls is to make your laundry routine more energy efficient. These wool dryer balls can be used for over 1000 loads of laundry and for several different items like jackets and blankets. Moreover, the drying time gets cut by a good 25%, so you even get to cut your electricity bill by a considerable amount!

[one_half] [icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] This slashes your monthly fabric softener costs!

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] It can be used for a good 4 years without replacing.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] They reduces wrinkles from your clothes.

[/one_half] [one_half_last] [icon icon=”thumbs-down” color=”#dd3333″] Essential oil not comes with the pack


3. Ecoigy Dryer Balls

Ecoigy Balls

Price: $9.97 View on Amazon


If you’re wondering what is irritating your infant’s sensitive skin, the answer could be in your dryer sheets and fabric softeners! To make sure they soften your clothes well, these are packed with a variety of chemicals, which may even irritate sensitive skin.

The Ecoigy Wool Dryer Balls present themselves as the best alternative in this case! They are made of pure New Zealand wool, which is a natural softener and is absolutely devoid of chemicals. On top of that, they are manufactured to be eco-friendly and energy-efficient, and in the long run, even economically efficient!

[one_half] [icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] The dryer balls are devoid of fillers and additives.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] They make sure the clothes are soft, snugly and wrinkle-free.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] Ecoigy send them in cute little gift bags so it might be wise if you want to snag some of these to gift later.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] Since they are fragrance-free and chemical-free, they are hands down the best item for drying your little one’s clothes.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] The dryer balls come with a rock-solid warranty.

[/one_half] [one_half_last] [icon icon=”thumbs-down” color=”#dd3333″] Need to buy essential oils separately


4. Woolous

Woolous Wool Dryer Balls

Price: $15.99 View on Amazon


All the pet mamas and toddler mamas out there, this product is for you! Woolous sells handmade dryer balls made from pure New Zealand Merino wool- so they are perfect for the sensitive skin of your children. On top of that, it has an anti-static property and reduces the wrinkles of your clothes.

Moreover, this is the most economically and environmentally efficient alternative to your age-old fabric softener and dryer sheet routine! These balls can be used for over 1000 loads of laundry, so if you do 2 loads a week, you’re good to go for 4 years.

[one_half] [icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] Woolous dryer balls reduce drying time by 30%.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] The balls soften the fabric and also add fluff to them.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] No chemical residue is left inside the dryer after you are done.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] They come with a grey felt bag, so in case you use a public laundry room, you can carry your dryer balls in it!

[/one_half] [one_half_last] [icon icon=”thumbs-down” color=”#dd3333″] The balls may get discolored with overuse.


5. OHOCO Balls

OHOCO Dryer Balls

Price: $9.99 View on Amazon


If you are looking to make your laundry routine less cumbersome and less expensive, you’re in the right place!

The OHOCO wool dryer balls have been manufactured with care, keeping in mind the cost-efficiency of the item. Thus, it employs a genius air and heat circulation mechanism which causes the drying time to reduce by a good 25%. Imagine the time and money you will save!

Along with this, the dryer balls also reduce static cling by a significant amount and you get wrinkle-free clothes straight out of the dryer. So no ironing and hence, even more energy-saving!

[one_half] [icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] The balls are made of premium New Zealand wool and are hypoallergenic.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] It saves the cost of buying dryer sheets and fabric softeners repeatedly as these dryer balls last for almost 4 years!

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] The anti-static property makes sure you have no dirt or lint on your clothes when they are out of the dryer.

[/one_half] [one_half_last] [icon icon=”thumbs-down” color=”#dd3333″] If you over dry items like blankets for too long, they may cling to each other.


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6. Woolzies

Woolzies Balls

Price: $19.99 View on Amazon


Woolzies is already a celebrated name in the world of personal care products with a famous line of organic, vegan creations under their belt. But did you know they also produce organic energy-efficient wool dryer balls which are hypoallergenic and anti-static?

The wool dryer balls come in sets of 6 and have unscented balls made of 100% pure New Zealand wool and they do not shed a bit!

They are natural fabric softeners that add a good amount of fluff to your clothes. But unlike your liquid fabric softeners, they are devoid of fillers and additives!

If the 4.5 rating on Amazon suggests anything, it’s that this is a solid investment to make for your clothes!

[one_half] [icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] They soften your clothes and remove wrinkles.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] They are long-lasting and can be reused for up to 1000 loads of laundry.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] These wool dryer balls help circulate hot air through your dryer and thus reduce your drying time by a good 25%.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] Woolzies themselves offer a range of essential oils to choose from, so you can select one if you like a hint of a scent on your clothes.

[/one_half] [one_half_last] [/one_half_last]

7. Brio Living

Brio Living Dryer Balls

Price: No products found. View on Amazon


If there is one company that has made customer satisfaction a non-negotiable factor in manufacturing, then it has to be Brio Living!

First and foremost, the wool dryer balls are devoid of additives and chemicals- so you know it safe for your kids or the elderly people in the house.

Secondly, the dryer balls reduce your laundry time by almost 40% and are reusable for 1000 loads of laundry.

Even though there’s a good chance that you’re already convinced, let me add a little more to seal the deal-  you will help Brio Living in supporting the underprivileged women in Nepal who make these products with their own hands!

[one_half] [icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] The balls are eco-friendly and biodegradable. So no carbon footprints left behind!

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] You will get three bonus gifts with a single pack of wool dryer balls! Brio Living will give you a wool sheep coin purse, a cloth bag, and a Go-Green e-book, for free!

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] It is fragrance-free, so as not to cause discomfort to anybody.

[/one_half] [one_half_last] [icon icon=”thumbs-down” color=”#dd3333″] If you want to add fragrance to the balls, you have to purchase essential oils separately. They do not come with the dryer balls.


8. Friendship Organic Eco

Friendsheep Organic Eco Wool Dryer Ball

Price: $32.00 View on Amazon


All you mommies worried about the chemical-laden dryer sheets and fabric softeners reducing the absorbency of cloth diapers and sanitary napkins, we have a magical product to solve your drying woes! The Friendship Organic Eco wool dryer balls are one of the best wool dryer balls in the market and have a solid customer base!

The wool they use is exported from New Zealand (sans any fillers, mind you!) and the dryer balls are handmade in Nepal by a community of underprivileged women!

They are energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and have amazing reusability! But you know what is the cherry on top? They have cute little sheep faces sewn on each dryer ball.

[one_half] [icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] The balls come in a gift bag, so you may buy a good few for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers!

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] They absorb moisture from the dryer and reduce drying time by 40%.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] For reducing static cling and removing lint the balls increase air and heat circulation in your dryer.

[/one_half] [one_half_last] [icon icon=”thumbs-down” color=”#dd3333″] A little expensive


9. Heart Felt Balls

Heart Felt Drying Balls

Price: Price not available View on Amazon


Did you know that quite a few wool dryer balls available in the market have fillers to reduce manufacturing cost? That is why we have searched extensively for only those companies which use premium wool and have no additives. And one of the best quality dryer balls is manufactured by Heart Felt.

Just like your high-end sweaters, the Heart Felt wool dryer balls are made of wool from the Merino sheep. Their quality being the best, it is not a surprise that they outshine most other wool dryer balls, even those on this list! Compared to 1000 for the other dryer balls, the Heart Felt dryer balls can be used for a whopping 1500 loads of laundry!

The anti-static quality of the balls is par excellence and your clothes will be wrinkle-free, dirt-free, and lint-free after one drying cycle.

All in all, this is one solid investment which you will not regret a bit!

[one_half] [icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] They are fragrance-free and if you want scent on your clothes, you can opt for the lavender essential oil sold by Heart Felt itself.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] They have an iron-clad warranty and in no case will you be taken for a ride.

[/one_half] [one_half_last] [icon icon=”thumbs-down” color=”#dd3333″] Essential oil not included


10. Budieggs Dryer Balls

Budieggs Wool Dryer Balls

Price: $7.97 View on Amazon


Tired of damp towels and dryer sheets which take forever to dry your clothes? Budieggs has come up with the perfect solution for it!

Budieggs wool dryer balls have been adjudged the best in the field by many blogs and why not? They are organic, environmentally friendly, and allow you to be thrifty with your drying process. Handmade with premium quality wool, these balls are perfect for infants, the elderly, and anyone who has sensitive skin.

So as not to be a discomfort for a few people, they come unscented. But if you enjoy a little scent on your freshly washed clothes, go ahead and add a few drops to the balls.

As with most of the items on this list, these balls also cut drying time to 30% and prevent wrinkles and tangling of your clothes.

For the ideal amount of drying, put 4 balls in a medium laundry load and 6 balls in a large load of laundry.

[one_half] [icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] They prevent over-drying and static. This helps eliminate pet hair and dirt from clothes.

[icon icon=”thumbs-up” color=”#81d742″] They come in cotton gift bags, so you can bag a big lot for friends when there’s a sale!

[/one_half] [one_half_last] [/one_half_last]

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When you start using these wool dryer balls, you’ll see a difference. And one thing is certain, once you start using them, you cannot stop! So which one will suit your needs the best? Let us know in the comments.

Some FAQs And Important Factors of Wool Dryer Balls

Dryer sheets or Dryer Balls? The problem with dryer sheets is that they are loaded with chemicals and fragrance that get stick to our laundry. These chemicals can be harsh on the skin and may also cause allergies in some people.

For the sake of their health people are now turning towards dryer balls instead of dryer sheets and other chemical products. Here’s a complete guide on dryer balls and why you should use them in the first place.

What Are Dryer Balls?

Dryer balls are laundry balls made out of material like rubber, plastic, and wool. The benefits of using these balls over dryer sheets are that these balls are chemical-free and secondly, they can be reused for drying for a large number of times.

Dryer balls also reduce the drying time by quite a good margin. Although all the dyer balls work perfectly, the dryer balls made out wool are most popular among people. To know more about why wool dryer balls are preferred over other dryer balls you can keep reading this article.

How Wool Dryer Balls Are Better Than Other Dryer Balls?

Wool dryer balls are eco friendly as they are made out of 100% pure wool. On the other hand, plastic, and rubber are not that eco friendly. Apart from that wool balls are quite during the operations due to the fact that they are soft and lightweight. While on the other hand, plastic and rubber dryer balls make noise when used in the dryer.

Also, wool is a naturally soft material so you can be sure that your laundry will be safe with the wool balls. Plastic or rubber balls can be harsh on soft laundry. However, you can use plastic and rubber dryer balls for hard laundries like blankets, curtains, bedsheets, etc.

How Does Wool Dryer Ball Work?

There’s no rocket science behind the working of dryer balls, it’s a simple phenomenon. The balls when used along with the laundry, create space between them which helps in air circulation.

Increased air circulation enhances the rate of moisture absorption, thus reducing the drying time. Also, irrespective of the material used i.e wool, plastic, or rubber all the dryer balls work on the same principle.

Benefits Of Using Wool Dryer Balls

1. Reduces Drying Time and Energy Consumption

When compared to dryer sheets drying balls reduces the time of drying by a good few minutes depending on the load of the laundry. But in most cases, the time you’ll save is between 5 to 10 minutes. Since it takes less time it also saves a lot of energy which is consumed by the electric laundry dryer. 

2. Absorbs Dust and Hair From Clothes

One benefit of using wool balls for drying is that it absorbs dirt and hair from the clothes. So if you have pets at home who sheds a lot of hairs on your laundry then the wool dryer balls can help you get rid of hairs from the laundry. 

3. Eliminates Static Electricity

The static electricity is an electrostatic charge which builds up on clothes and laundry in the dryer due to friction between them. However, the wool dryer balls can help in reducing the static from clothes.

4. Easy to Use

The best part about using dryer balls is that they are easy to use, you just have to drop wool balls in the dryer along with your laundry, and your work is done, it’s that simple.

Types Of Wool Dryer Balls

1. Scented Wool dryer balls

The scented dryer balls come with a fragrance of their own like lemon, lavender, etc. If you want your laundry to get fragmented while drying then you can go with these dryer balls. 

2. Unscented Wool dryer balls

The unscented balls are for those who don’t want to add any fragrance to their laundry. However, you can always add fragrance to these balls by dripping a drop or two of your favorite fragrance essential oil. 

Some wool dryer ball packs come with their own essential oil bottles. You can get these packs to save yourself from buying the oils separately.


The wool dryer balls come in 3 different sizes, Large, Extra Large(XL), and Jumbo. The XL size is, however, the most used size for laundry drying. You can check this video to see the size difference between these balls

You can get any size dryer balls depending upon your needs, but remember the smaller the size the more balls you will require to dry a load of laundry. For example, for a given load of laundry, if you require 6 Large balls that drys the laundry in x amount of time. For the same load, you will require 4 XL or 1 or 2  jumbo size balls to dry the load in the same amount of time.


The dryer balls are a cost-effective method to dry laundry when compared to dryer sheets as these balls are reusable so they last long, unlike dryer sheets. Also, the dryer balls are quite cheap and you can buy them in packs to save more money.

Short FAQs

1. How Long Do Wool Dryer Balls Last?

Depending upon your usage you can reuse the wool dryer balls up to 1000 times or for 2 to 5 years.

2. Do Wool Dryer Balls Really Work?

After doing extensive research on dryer wool balls and reading tons of consumer reviews we can surely say that ‘YES’ dryer balls do work.

3. Are Dryer Balls Safe For Dryers?

Yes, dryer balls are quite safe for dryers, however, most people say that rubber and plastic balls leave a mildly burnt rubber or plastic smell in the dryer and on the clothes. But, it’s not the case with wool dryer balls.

4. Do Wool Dryer Balls Leave Lint On Clothes?

No, they don’t.

5. Can essential Oils Catch Fire In The Dryer?

While essential oils are flammable, but if you use only a few drops and let the oil dry from the ball before using, then there’s no hazard.

6. How Often Do You Put Essential Oils On Dryer Balls?

There’s no hard and fast rule for it. You can smell the balls before using if the fragrance is still there then no need to add more essential oils. But generally, you can re scent the balls after every fourth or fifth use.