Best Indoor Motion Sensor Lights (Battery Operated)

Motion sensor lights are really helpful in guiding you in pitch dark environments. Like by turning it on by itself as soon as you enter your closet to find something. Or by guiding your way down the stairs in the middle of the night, so you don’t fall off because of being dizzy.

And by getting rid of the need to find the light switch in the dark, they are helpful in so many other scenarios. But they can also be really frustrating when you have to install them using wires all over your walls, which can be really messy and time-consuming.

That is why battery-operated motion detector lights are much better because by being completely wireless, they are much cleaner. Moreover, these smart lights can be easily set up within minutes, and you don’t even require an electrician for getting things done.

So to make it easy for you to choose, we’ve prepared a list of the best indoor motion sensor lights which are operated by battery.





AMIR Motion Sensor Lights

AUVON Rechargeable Motion Sensor Night Light

OxyLED Wall Lights Battery Operated

Mr. Beams MB980 Motion-Sensing Light

Mr. Beams MB990 UltraBright Light

Best Indoor Motion Sensor Lights

1. Mr. Beams MB980

Mr. Beams MB980

This motion sensor light is 4.92 x 4.92 x 1.57 inches in dimension and weighs only 5.6 ounces (without batteries). Making it light enough to stick well on any surface with its screw and anchor mounts.

Moreover, the light is equipped with a weatherproof seal to protect it from harsh weather conditions. (Do note that even though the light is protected, the batteries can still be affected because of extreme weather.)

The sensor light turns on as soon as it detects motion within a range of 20ft. And it automatically turns off after 30 seconds of no motion within that range.

The light sensor enables it to only turn on in the near or completely dark environment to save the battery life. So don’t expect it to turn on when it is detecting even a small amount of light from any other source.

It comes with an LED bulb that gives 100 lumens of bright white light, which is enough to cover an area of 260 sq. feet. The luminance is enough to light up a completely dark area with its white light.

However, due to the prism effect created by the lens, the edges of the light turns yellow, which for most people may not be a problem.

The light runs on 4 C – cell batteries, which are not included with the light. So you’ll have to spare some extra bucks for buying the batteries separately.

But you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries that often. As the LED can light up to 35 hours with 8-10 activations per day, which is amazing battery life.

  • Good LuminancenWeatherproofnGood Battery LifenBig area coverage of 260 sq. feet
  • The light sensor is too sensitivenGives a yellow color on the edges of the light

2. Mr. Beams MB990 Indoor Motion Sensor Light

Mr. Beams MB990

This LED motion light is 7.48 x 7.48 x 2.86 inches in dimension and weighs 12.8 ounces, which makes it a little heavy to stick with an adhesive mount. But thankfully, it comes with screws and anchors as the mounting option, which is enough to hold it firmly on the surface.

It is also beautifully designed with a tight weatherproof seal so that it could stand up against harsh weather.

The LED light turns on as soon as you go within 18 ft of range. The light auto turns off after 20 seconds of no motion which really helps in saving the battery life.

But the light sensor is too sensitive. And this can be really frustrating because it doesn’t let the bulb to light up even in the presence of a very little amount of light.

What’s amazing is the 300 lumens of super bright light covering an area of 300 sq. feet. In short, the light is nearly enough to brighten up an average-sized hall.

And to be honest, considering the brightness level and the area it covers, this light is a much better alternative to a ceiling light which requires drilling and wiring.

It requires 4 D Alkalines batteries which by the way are not included with the light. The batteries can keep the light going up to 25-30 hours with 8-10 activations per day, which means, it can probably last for about a year.

  • WeatherproofnGood Battery lifenGood Motion DetectionnAmazing luminance with a wide area coverage
  • Too sensitive light sensor

3. Amir Motion Sensor Light

Amir motion sensor light

This indoor motion sensor light by Amir is 1.5 x 3.6 x 3.5 inches and weighs only 5.6 ounces, making it really light.

You only get one double-sided adhesive mount to stick it on any surface, but it is good enough to hold the light firmly with its lightweight. (Do note that the adhesive mounts are not good to hold the light in high-temperature conditions)

The special feature of this light is that it comes with a PIR motion sensor. The LED light will automatically turn on as soon as the smart sensor detects any motion within 10 ft. And the light will turn off after 15 seconds if it doesn’t sense any motion within that range.

Moreover, the motion detector will only enable the light to turn on in a pitch dark environment, thus saving a lot of battery life. But on the other hand, this power-saving feature can get really irritating because of being too sensitive.

The motion sensor light bulb provides up to 20 lumens of output covering an angle of 120 degrees. This output can be really low for people who want to use this light to brighten up a larger area.

Whereas, this same output can be appropriate for using it on stairs or in confined spaces to show your way around. Also, you’ll not get blinded in the complete darkness after instantly being hit with a light that is too bright.

Finally, you need to buy 3 AAA batteries to power up the light. And buying the batteries wouldn’t be a task that will be repeated that often, because the battery life for this light is about a year.

  • Good battery lifenThe motion sensor works wellnGood for use on stairs and small spaces
  • Light sensor too sensitive

4. Mr. Beams MB722

Mr. Beams MB722

This white color LED light is 11 x 9 x 4 inches in dimension and weighs 5.6 ounces. It comes with a double-sided adhesive and mounts brackets and anchors as the mounting options.

Two mounting options are really convenient especially if one of the mounting options doesn’t work as it should. On top of that, like other lights by Mr. Beams, this light is also weatherproof to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The motion sensor range for this light is 15 feet, and it turns off after 30 seconds you leave that range.

The light sensor is used to prevent the activation of light during the daytime to save the battery. But the light can still work during the day if it is installed at a spot where the sunlight isn’t reaching.

It gives 20 lumens of bright white light, which is only enough to cover an area of 10 sq . feet.

Low luminance with short-area coverage makes it more appropriate for stairs and less appropriate for brightening up huge halls.

This sensing light requires AA battery for power, which are not included with the light. The batteries can last for about 50 hours with 8-10 activations per day, which is really efficient.

But do note that battery performance really depends on the type of batteries you are using. Like it doesn’t go well with rechargeable batteries, which is a downside for this light.

  • WeatherproofnTwo mounting optionsnGood for stairs and small areas
  • Doesn’t work well with rechargeable batteries

5. AUVON Rechargeable Closet Light

AUVON Rechargeable Closet Light - Best Motion sensor Light (Battery operated)

This amazingly designed indoor motion sensor light is 4 x 3.1 x 3 inches in dimension and weighs only 6.2 ounces.

It comes with a magnetic strip and double-sided 3M adhesive pads for mounting options.

The infrared motion sensor automatically turns on the light when it detects motion within 20 ft, and it turns off after 20 seconds of no movement.

The light sensor prevents the light to turn on during the daytime, thus saving a lot of battery life. Other than that, it comes with 3 power modes ie. Auto, on and off.

In Auto Mode, the light will turn on/off automatically by using its motion sensor. In On mode, the light will stay on regardless of any motion or not. And lastly, in Off mode, it’ll stay off.

Another attractive thing about this indoor light is that it comes with 2 brightness modes. If you use the brightest settings then it is enough to keep you awake at night.

However, if you use low brightness settings, then it is only enough to guide your way in the pitch dark.

And finally, let’s talk about the battery. So this light doesn’t use AAA batteries like other lights on the list.

Instead, this light uses a rechargeable battery. It comes with a USB cable to charge the battery so you don’t have to go through the trouble of replacing AAA batteries.

However, this does affect the light in terms of brightness. As it is a little less bright when compared to lights that use AAA batteries.

  • 3 power modesnTwo brightness modesnRechargeable BatterynTwo Mounting Options
  • Rechargeable battery affects the brightness

6. Hallomall Luxury Aluminium Indoor Motion Sensor Light

Hallomall Luxury Motion sensor light

Another battery-operated motion sensor light is from Hallomall and is designed to look luxurious and beautiful.

It is 6.7 x 4.6 x 4 inches in dimension and weighs 12.8 ounces, and it looks really amazing anywhere on the wall. It comes with two-sided tapes and screws as mounting options, screws being the more secure option.

As of sensors, the motion sensor turns on the light when someone gets as close as 10 feet to the light. And it automatically turns off after 15 seconds of no motion.

On the other hand, the light sensor saves battery life by preventing the bulb to turn on when there’s light coming from any other source.

But if you feel like you want it to be turned on all the time, then you can do that by choosing the On Mode. Whereas, you can also leave it on Auto or Off Mode as per your convenience.

It gives 60 lumens of bright light covering a wide angle of 140 degrees. This amount of motion sensor lighting is neither too low nor too high, but it’s perfect to provide enough light in big halls while looking fancy.

This indoor light is powered up by 4 AA Batteries, which is great because AA batteries are much more common than AAA Batteries.

The power in the battery can last for several months and maybe even a year depending on the use. This fancy light with different power modes and good battery life makes it one of the best indoor motion sensor lights.

  • 3 power modesnDecent battery lifenBeautiful and luxury design
  • The adhesive mount doesn’t work well

7. Megulla Motion Sensor Lights

Megulla Motion Sensor Night Light

This is a 39 inches long motion-activated LED strip, weighing only 3.84 ounces. So it goes well under kitchen cabinets, on stairs, or under any shelf while being hardly noticeable.

It comes with 3M Adhesive pads as the mounting option but you can also use more secure hardware to mount it anywhere you want.

The motion detector turns on the light as soon as it detects any motion within 15 ft. This has a PIR sensor, you can set the sensor mode to Day or you can go with the Night Mode.

In the day mode, the light will turn on after detecting the motion during the day as well as during the night. Whereas, in the Night mode, the light sensor will enable the light only to turn on when there’s no daylight.

As of the time limit, well the amazing thing is that you can choose between 3 different time limits i.e 15 sec/130sec/380 sec. But do note that if you choose a higher time limit, the light will eat up more battery life.

The light strip includes 30 LEDs which give 200 Lumens of bright white light. This amount of light will surely wake you up when triggered by your motion. And that is why it can be used to brighten up a cabinet or a dressing room.

It is powered by an 1100 mAh rechargeable battery. So you can easily charge the battery through a USB cable by powering it to any kind of power source like your laptop or your phone’s adapter.

A fully charged battery can last up to a month or two, depending on the power mode you are using it on.

  • Good brightness levelnRechargeable batterynDifferent turn-off timersnCan work on both day and night time
  • Not so good battery life

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Choosing the best indoor motion sensor lights can be difficult at times. If you’re looking for a light that can brighten up a big hall, then you might want to go with light having huge luminance.

On the other hand, if you are just looking for a low-intensity light, then it is better if you choose a light with low luminance. Besides luminance, there are other things that can get you confused. But we hope that this detailed description of each and every motion sensor light makes it easy for you to select one.