19 Best 4K TVs Under $700 [2023]

Best 4K TVs under $700

Hey, we have composed a list of 4K TVs under 700 dollars because if you can get a 4K television at this price segment then why burn more money on other TV sets. Before coming up with the below-mentioned TVs, we did a lot of research to provide you with the top of the best TVs within $700 in this 2024 year

We checked out more than 42 TVs and then filtered them out on the factors like HDR formats, reflection handling, number of HDMI ports, screen size(43″-65″) of TVs, refresh rate, motion handling, QLED/LED, price, and others. And the TVs included here are from Samsung, VIZIO, TCL, and LG.

As you might have already decided on the TV screen size for your room, we have categorized the TVs in the list accordingly. The list is having 65″ TVs, 58″ TVs, 55″ TVs, 49″ TVs, and 43″ TVs. So, you have all the varieties to choose from in 4K TVs. Let’s have a look at the best ones.





Samsung UN58RU7100FXZA

LG Electronics 55SK8000 4K TV

Samsung QN65Q6FN 4K UHD TV

Samsung QN43Q60RAFXZA Ultra HD TV

TCL 55R617 Roku TV

List of Top TVs for 2024:

1. VIZIO D65F1


Screen Size – 65″

  • Spatial Scaling Engine
  • Chromecast Built-in
  • Google Assistant & Alexa Support

The first 4K TV on the list is from VIZIO. VIZIO D65F1 is an HDR-enabled TV with a V8 Octa-core processor and Full-Array LED backlight that provides 3840 x 2160 resolution. The Spatial Scaling Engine embedded in this 4K TV helps in up-scaling the HD video for better picture quality.

The viewable angle is 178 degrees, without losing the contrast, which is actually good. Also, the built-in Chromecast lets the user share content available on the device to the VIZIO TV.

Talking about the sound, the TV is equipped with two internal speakers (10W x 2) to provide a surround sound experience. The speakers are decent compared to most of the 4K TVs in the same price segment. But you can always add a soundbar to have another level of experience.

VIZIO has worked a lot on the user’s way of accessing the TV. You can control the TV via voice commands using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for turning the TV on/off or accessing the apps.

Apart from the TV remote, the user can directly access the TV from the phone using the SmartCast app. However, the remote provided along with the TV is not of great use for most of the users.

Going for this TV has another advantage, you can watch more than 100 channels like sports, music, movies and others absolutely free.

  • Great picture qualitynDeeper black levelsnBuilt-in chromecastn
  • Basic RemotenNo Built-in Tuner

2. TCL 65S517


Screen Size – 65″

  • Roku Platform
  • Wide Color Gamut
  • Alexa and Google Assistant support

TCL 65S517, the 65 Inch TV, is packed with beauty and performance. It has a 0.2-inch matte black bezel on right, left and top and 0.6 inches at the bottom.

The TV is thin but only from the top, the bottom part is thick. The upper part is 0.4 inches thin whereas the bottom part goes up to 3 inches.

This 65″ 4K TV can run HDR(High Dynamic Range) content on Dolby Vision and HDR10, taking your viewing experience to the next level. With this, the HDR Pro Gamma adds more performance. Overall, the TV delivers great color performance.

This Roku TV lets you access popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, Amazon Prime Video, and even free content from different sources.

The remote you will be getting with this TV is voice control enabled which will let you enter commands via voice. With this feature, you can find music, movies, shows, and other stuff.

Apart from this, the company has provided dedicated buttons on remote for Hulu, Netflix, and others for direct accessibility.

  • Ultra low lag timenWide color GamutnGood for GamersnBig screen size at an affordable price
  • Viewing from an angle drops the contrastnSound is not that good

3. Samsung RU7100 Best 4K TV Under 700 Dollars


Screen Size – 58″

  • HDR10, HDR10+, HLG
  • Smart Features
  • Google Assistant & Alexa support

Based on the Tizen OS, Samsung RU7100 is a 58 inch 4K TV embedded with UHD processor to provide a better and fast response. The design of the Samsung RU7100 is sleek and beautiful, you will love it.

The bezel around the corners of the TV is 0.6″ wider. Talking about thickness, it is very thin from the top and has a maximum thickness of 2.25″ at the bottom.

This HDR-enabled 4K TV has a high contrast ratio that delivers decent picture quality. The response time is really good which is actually good for gamers.

The sound quality of the TV is fine but it misses the deep bass. So to add more quality to the sound, you can add a soundbar or a speaker.

The on-screen guide interface in the TV will help you in saving time and let you access the content quickly. Not only this, to access the content or to control the TV, the Samsung RU7100 is integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

For wireless connectivity, the TV comes with WiFi, WiFi Direct, and Bluetooth as well.

  • Sleek designnFast responsenSmart Features
  • Viewing from an angle drops the contrast

4. Samsung NU8000


Screen Size – 55″

  • Stylish Remote
  • Built-in Woofer
  • Smart Features

This is one of the best 55″ 4K TV under $700 for watching movies, games, sports, and all HDR content. Overall this TV is a perfect fit for all types of users. The picture quality is really good and the TV performs well in both, dark room as well as in bright conditions.

The look of the Samsung NU8000 is elegant, it looks slim. The borders are just 0.35 inches wider and the thickness is 2.28″ which is the maximum.

This premium UHD TV is having 2 x 10W and 1 x 20W speakers which deliver good sound clarity. However, it has a built-in woofer but you can’t expect too much bass out of it.

The remote provided with the TV is stylish and has fewer buttons on it. However, the provided buttons do all the tasks to control and access the content. Apart from this, there is an app too to control the TV.

And the smart features provided in the TV are enough for any user to get attracted.

In addition to that, this is the cheapest among all the 55″ 4K TVs on the list (at the time of writing the article).

  • Elegant DesignnFast performancenGood fit for all types of usersnValue for money
  • Reflects light but not that bad

5. TCL 55R617


Screen Size – 55″

  • Roku Platform
  • Wide Color Gamut
  • Great Remote App

This 4K TV is based on the Roku TV platform having Dolby Vision and a wide color gamut that delivers great picture quality. The high contrast and full-array local dimming create deep black levels.

The bezel of the TV is 0.47″ wider on all the sides which is comparatively wider than the above-mentioned Samsung TV. Apart from this, the TV is thin from the top but has a thickness of 2.95″ at the bottom, which is the maximum thickness of the TV.

From the image of the TV, you can notice a button at the bottom right. With this, the user can turn on/off the TV and can even change the inputs.

Like all other TV brands, TCL is also offering an app for its users to control and access the apps on the TV. No doubt that TCL remote app is really good as it offers various other functions apart from just functioning as a remote.

The two speakers (8W/speaker) embedded in the TV are not able to produce good sound quality. So if you are planning a speaker or a soundbar for a TV, then you can go ahead with this one too.

  • Great picture qualitynDolby Vision supportnOne of the best TV remote app
  • Sound quality is not that good

6. LG SK8000


Screen Size – 55″

  • Nano Cell Display
  • AI ThinQ Intelligence
  • Stylish Look

If you go by the design, this 4K TV has got one of the best designs compared to all the 55″ TVs mentioned here in the list. In addition to the TV design, you will love the stand of the TV as well. It is curved and has a metallic look which adds a more premium look. The borders are 0.47 inches in size and the maximum thickness of the TV is 2.64″.

The picture quality is good. With the Nano Cell display, LG is able to provide a better contrast ratio. LG SK8000 is good at handling reflections. However, the reflections are noticeable but better than most of the TV models. The AI ThinQ adds more smartness, lets users access and control smart devices using voice.

This Dolby Vision supported TV has a great response time and handles the motion perfectly which reduces the motion blur to a large extent.

When it comes to LG, they have one of the best TV remotes for its users. It’s called magic remote, which helps the user to navigate easily to access the apps. Basically the remote works like a mouse and supports voice control too.

The sound quality is somewhat average. A bass extension would have done the work but LG hasn’t provided it.

  • Handles motion perfectlynGreat response timenGood at handling reflections
  • Sound quality could have been better

7. LG Nano SM8600


Screen Size – 49″

  • Nano Cell Display
  • α7 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor
  • Google Assistant and Alexa support

Another Nano cell displays 4K TV in the list from LG. The look is quite similar to the above 55″ TV, LG SK 8000. This TV model from LG provides Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG support.

With α7 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor and Nano cell display, the TV delivers good picture quality and better color accuracy. With a 120 Hz native refresh rate, the picture response is quite fast.

The TV has got 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, Bluetooth, Ethernet and WiFi, everything you need for connectivity. Apart from this, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support make the TV more intelligent and smart.

With magic remote, you can directly point the apps/content/functions, scroll, click and even give voice input.

In smart features, the TV stands out to be very good. It has lots of apps, an easy-to-use interface, magic remote, Google Assistant, and Alexa support.

  • Good picture qualityn3 USB ports for connecting more devicesnFast response timenSupports Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG formats
  • Sound quality is average

8. Samsung Q6FN


Screen Size – 49″

  • QLED
  • Bixby Assistant
  • Tizen OS

This is a QLED 4K TV from Samsung. It has excellent picture quality and a fast response time. The deep black scenes can be noticed in the dark room as well as in the bright room.

Even the objects in the fast-moving scenes can be seen very clearly as the motion handling is really good. In addition to this, the TV handles reflection perfectly.

No other 4K TV has got a design like this one. It looks amazing. The metallic finish adds a more premium look to the TV. The bezel is 0.35″ in size from all sides of the TV and the thickness is 2.48″ at the bottom.

The TV is filled with features like Bixby voice assistant, getting notifications from smart home devices while watching TV.

Good for all types of users but will be preferred by the gamers more because of the low input lag.

The Tizen-based OS TV scores well in all the areas, the only thing that could have been improved a bit is the sound quality.

  • Excellent picture qualitynGood in motion handlingnElegant design
  • Sound quality could have been better

9. Samsung Q60R


Screen Size – 43″

  • QLED
  • Game Enhancer
  • Bixby Assistant

Samsung Q60R is a 43″ QLED TV that has got everything a TV should have in this price segment. The picture quality is amazing.

The Dynamic Black Enhancer produces much better picture quality in dark room. The Quantum processor embedded in the TV helps in upscaling the content for more accuracy of scenes.

The TV is built with intelligence. It can adjust the sound and brightness according to the environment. You can even control the TV with your voice using the Bixby support.

Samsung Q60R is the best 43″ TV you can get for under 700 dollars. And if you are a gamer, then you are going to love this TV. Features in the TV like Auto Game Mode, Game Motion Plus, and Game Enhancer will take your gaming experience to another level.

The TV comes with 20W speakers that deliver decent sound. You can also connect the Bluetooth headphones with the TV to sync the audio. Apart from this, the TV has got 4 HDMI and 2 USB ports which are sufficient for connectivity.

  • Good picture qualitynGood for game loversnSmart Features
  • Sound quality could have been better

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best 4K TV Under $700

However, there are lots of factors to consider before buying a TV. But below are some important factors you need to look at while going for a 4K TV.

Screen Size: Before going for a TV, finalize the screen size according to your room size and the distance between the TV and the viewer. For 4K TVs, the distance between the TV and the viewer should be 1 to 1.5 times the screen size of the TV.

Main Purpose: Decide what sort of content you are going to play more often on your TV. It could be movies, music or games, or overall. If you are a gamer, then you need to select the TV having excellent low input lag.

Content Formats: Look for the type of HDR formats a TV supports. Dolby Vision/HDR10/HDR10+/HLG.

Picture Quality: How will you decide that? Factors like high contrast ratio with deep black levels in both, dark and bright environments and good motion handling are the ones. Fast response time and upscaling of the content are also important factors.

Motion Handling: It should be good. If motion handling is not good then you will see blur objects in fast-moving scenes.

No. of Ports: Whether it is HDMI or USB ports, do look at how many numbers of ports a TV is having. More number of ports will let you add more devices like gaming consoles (PlayStation – PS4, Xbox, others), media players, flash drives, and others at a time.

So these were the best 4K TVs you can get under $700 with one more TV added at the end if you can stretch your pocket a little bit. Also, do look at the factors we have recommended before buying any 4K TV.