7 Best Stands For 55 To 65 Inch TVs

A TV stand is a piece of furniture that adds beauty to your room besides just holding your TV. And if you own a TV, which you most probably do, then you must know how hectic it is to find the right stand for your TV. That is because while looking for a TV stand, you have to keep 2 factors in mind. First, the stand should be absolutely stunning, because you don’t want an ugly stand sitting along with your furniture. And the second and most important factor is that the stand must not give up on your TV too easily. So, it should be incredibly strong as well.

After extensive research, we’ve filtered out the 7 best stands for TVs ranging from 55 to 65 inches. Because that’s the size range that is common for every household. And on our list, we’ve included almost every type of TV stand that is out in the market. So, if you’re curious enough, then let’s get started.

Best Stands For 55 To 65 Inch TVs

1. WE Furniture AZ70CSPTB

WE Furniture Farmhouse

Best Overall

  • Up to 75″ TV
  • Up to 250 lbs
  • Wooden Material

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This amazing piece of wood looks absolutely stunning and easily grabs everyone’s eye in an instant. The color and design of the table make it go really well with the rest of the furniture in your room. It is big enough to hold a TV up to a maximum size of 75 inches and supports weight up to 250lbs. Pretty amazing, right? Because that means you’ll have plenty of space left if you place a smaller sized TV on the table.

The table is beautifully made with the highest quality MDF(Medium Density Fibreboard) and the laminate texture definitely makes it look more appealing. But it’s not only the looks but the convenience that comes with this stand. The 2 adjustable shelves give you enough room to place some decor or your electronics on the table. And if you’re worried about the wire setup being messy, then don’t be. Because there is a cable management port behind every shelving space.

And finally, when it comes to assembling the stand, it is really easy to put everything together. You’ll get the clear assembling instructions in the manual with the help of which you can get the work done easily.

Cable management

Strong built with a stunning look

Enough space to place decor and electronics

Size of the stand is not suitable for compact spaces

2. Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV Stand

Ameriwood tv stand

TV Stand With Mount

  • Up to 70 inches
  • Up to 105 lbs
  • Wooden Material

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Looking for a solid wooden TV stand that is designed to take very little space on the floor? If yes, then maybe Ameriwood TV stand is a good option for you. This stand looks so rich that it is sure to make other people jealous of you. The espresso finish on the high-grade MDF does makes it tough for anyone to resist this TV stand.

It can very easily hold a Flat-screen TV up to a size of 70 inches with its mount. As of the weight, it has a maximum holding capacity of 105lbs. But it’s always better to go a little lightweight on the stand for your television’s sake. Also, you can set the height of the TV at your convenience by adjusting the mount. So, if you think your TV is mounted too high or low, then the stand has got you covered to provide you the best viewing angle for your TV.

It is beautifully designed with three wooden shelves and 2 drawers at the bottom. So, if you own a gaming console then you don’t have to worry about finding a separate space for it. Also, you can be really subtle with the heavy wire setup; all thanks to the cable management on the center spine.

Obviously, like most TV stands ordered online, this stand also needs to be assembled upon delivery. But the process is really easy if you follow the instructions as they are mentioned in the manual.

Looks unique and modern

Height can be adjusted

Quite spacious shelves

Cable management

Can’t trust the mount if you get too close to the recommended weight

3. Kanto MTM65PL

Kanto tv Stand

Mobile TV Stand

  • Up to 80 inches
  • 200 pounds
  • For offices

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Tired of wood? Well, then maybe you should try a steel stand. This sleek designed TV stand by Kanto is made up of strong durable steel with a powdered coated finish. The mount in the stand can easily hold a TV with a size ranging from 52-80 inches with a maximum weight of 200 pounds. So we can say that it can work along with almost every TV.

The fact that this is a mobile stand to move your TV around the place makes it best suited for office use. The 4 wheels in the stand very smoothly enable you to move the TV from one place to another. And when you’re done moving it around, you can simply press the lever with your foot to lock the wheels. So, you don’t have to worry about it rolling over the stairs. Also, the integrated cable management and ability to adjust the height of the stand adds more to the convenience. But it doesn’t stop there, as it also has a steel tray and a top shelf where you can place your laptop or other accessories.

So, keeping aside all the work you need to assemble the parts together, this stand is surely the best for presentations in offices and schools.

Made with best quality steel

Good cable management

It can be moved and then wheels can be locked for precaution.

Design is not meant for house.

4. WE Furniture AZ58CSPES

WE Furniture Espresso - best stand for 55 inch tv

Best Stand For 55 Inch TV

  • For 55 inches TV
  • Up to 250 lbs
  • Wooden Material

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If you own a television that is not huge in size, then we have a stand specifically for you. There’s not much difference between this and the first stand we’ve discussed. The only difference is the size, as this stand is best suited for televisions that are under 55 inches. And the good part is that with a smaller size, it can still handle a weight up to 250lbs. The espresso color with a beautiful texture makes sure you don’t regret buying this stunning stand.

You can put something pretty in the shelving space to amplify the look of the stand. And believe me that there’s more than enough space in the stand. Also, if you’re wondering about the quality and durability of the stand, then you should know that this stand is Amazon’s choice. So, if you take good care of the stand, then maybe you can get old with it. Well, it’s better to not take that literally.

The drawback of these kinds of stands is that you have to look for a TV mount separately. Well, that isn’t the case with this stand. If you’re ready to spend some extra bucks, then you can go with the model that comes along with the mount. The steel mount attached to the stand is really strong. You can sleep better at night knowing that the mount won’t just give up on your precious TV. That said, if you already have a decent TV mount, then you can save your money by buying the model without the steel mount.

Best stand for 55 inch TVs

The high-quality wood makes it durable

Takes less space than other stands of the same kind

Also comes with a model that has a TV mount

No Drawers

5. Whalen TV Stand


3-In-1 TV Stand

  • For 65 Inch TV
  • Up to 135 lbs
  • With a Mount

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If you are on a quest to find a stunning and modern TV stand for your expensive TV, then you can just stop here. This 3-in-1 stand by Whalen Furniture is one of the best TV stands you could hope for. The hand-finished metalwork with the stunning, yet strong Venner shelves makes you look at it over and over again.

The mount in the stand can easily hold a 65 inch TV with a maximum weight of 135lbs. Moreover, the swinging floater lets you swing the TV up to 45 degrees, which can be really useful at times. Talking about convenience, it comes with 3 shelves to give you all the space you want in your stand. And along with that, it has cable management with 2 USB ports at the rear spine that makes it easy for you to manage all the accessories.

Finally, the instructions in the manual are more than enough for you to assemble the stand within an hour. But it’s better to have someone around in case you find the assembling process difficult.

Swinging floater

Cable management with 2 USB ports

Pretty strong to endure TVs up to a size of 65″

3 shelves to provide space for other electronics

No Drawers

6. Nexera 105131

nexera tv stand

Modern Style Stand

  • Up to 70 Inch
  • Modern Design
  • 3 Drawers & Shelves

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We can all agree on the fact that the wooden stands will never get old. And this TV stand is a perfect example of that. If you get this melamine finished stand for your TV, then you won’t be looking for another for a very long time. This is the best stand for a 65 inch TV. You can even go higher with a 70″ TV as well.

The distinct part about this stand is that it doesn’t stand that tall. If you’re thinking of placing the stand in your living room in front of your couch, then this stand is a perfect choice. Because the TV will be at a straight angle from you when placed on this short table.

The three deep drawers and shelves make it perfectly easy to set up your gaming console along with the TV. It also stands out in terms of durability, as it is scratch, stain and water-resistant. So, if you accidentally drop a glass of water on the stand, then you only have to worry about the electronics on the stand.

Good for placing in bedrooms

Scratch, stain and water-resistant

Good texture with melamine finish

Not good if you want your TV to be really high

7. Manhattan Comfort Cabrini

manhattan complete tv theater center

Theater Center TV Stand

  • Up to 75 inches
  • Shelves, Drawers & Lights

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This last TV stand in our list can be expensive for some people. But believe me when I say that it is worth every penny. This theater center has everything you could hope for in a TV stand. It has its own wall where the TV has to be mounted, so you don’t have to drill holes in your house’s wall. The recommended TV size for the stand is 70 inches but you’ll be perfectly okay even with a TV size of 75 inches.

Space? Well, I don’t think you could get any more space than this stand is actually giving you. I mean, you get 6 media shelves, 2 drawers, and 1 overhead shelf where you can place photo frames or some books.

The design of this TV stand is so sturdy and stunning that if someone walks into your house, then they can’t help but envy you. But that satisfaction comes at a price, and I am talking aside from the huge money that you have to pay. The assembling of this giant TV stand really takes the toll out of you. It can take you hours to put it all together, but hey! You’ll definitely feel worth it once you get it right.

Complete theatre center design

Great quality wood with amazing texture

A lot of space with multiple shelves and drawers


Assembling can be hectic


So, that’s it. We’ve played our part to provide you with this list of best stands for 55 to 65 inch TVs and even bigger sizes. Now, it’s you who has to decide what you are actually looking for. Like, if you have a confined space then go for the one that is compact in size. On the other hand, if you have a lot of empty space in your room, then go big. You don’t have to worry about the durability of any of the stand we’ve discussed, because they all are pretty strong. But if you’re paying heavy bucks for a TV stand, then it’s always better to be a little careful while handling it.


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