Best Travel Power Strips

Gone are the days when people used to travel with just their clothes, books, and maps. Now, people carry a lot of gadgets with them like their smartphones, tablets, laptops, DSLRs, etc.

When carrying so many gadgets they should also carry a portable power strip with them which not just provides them extra outlets but also provide protection to their gadgets on the go.

If you are someone who’s always on a trip or planning the first trip then you must have a good travel power strip to protect the gadgets.

Here we are recommending the 7 best travel power strips that you can take with you on your next trip.

Best Travel Power Strips Reviews

1. Tripp Lite Portable Surge Protector

Tripp Lite Travel Power Strip

Trip Lite is a well-renowned name when it comes to surge protectors and power strips. It is known for making great quality products and this travel power plug is no different. It comes with 3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports, so a total of 5 ports you get on this compact power strip.

Moreover, it has a plug & play design to give you a tangle-free experience. Also, the plugs on it are foldable which further makes it easier to carry around.

Apart from being travel-friendly, it also provides protection to all the connected devices as it conforms to the UL 1449 safety Standards. Also, it comes with 540 joules of surge protection to protect gadgets from power surges.

On top of that, it comes with an insurance cover on all the connected devices. So basically it’s a win-win situation for you if you go with this travel power strip.

  • Allows fast chargingnnProtects devices from surgennComes with a carry casennProvides insurance on connected devices
  • Not suitable for hard to reach outlet as it has no cord

2. NTONPOWER Small Power Strip

NTONPOWER Small Power Strip

This NTONPOWER small power strip comes with a 15-inch power cord. However, it doesn’t make it any less travel-friendly as the cord easily gets wrapped around it which makes it easy to store.

Moreover, it consists of 2 AC outlets and 3 fast-charging USB ports that operate at 2.4 amps max. Overall, with fast charging support, it is a great travel surge protector.

Also, it provides safety features like it has a flame retardant body at the exterior and a high-end capacitor inside which protects the devices from short circuits, overheating, overcharging, etc.

  • Supports fast chargingnnCompact and lightweight designnnHas a flame-resistant body
  • No Type-C support

3. Anker PowerStrip Pad

Anker Power Strip Pad

This power strip pad from Anker is a lifesaver for people who need a good travel power strip. As it supports a 30W Type-C USB port that can charge the phone battery (4000mAh )to 67% in just 30 minutes and in just 73 minutes it can completely charge the phone to 100%.

Apart from one Type-C port it also has two Type-A ports which are powered by the Anker’s Power IQ technology that delivers a power of 12 W for devices that don’t support Type-C charging. So this powerstrip pad has a total of 3 USB ports along with 2 AC outlets to power your USB devices.

It has a circular space-saving design which makes it a perfect power strip for traveling purposes. Moreover, it has a 5ft cord length which gives you more flexibility to use it anywhere you want.

This USB power strip also comes with included adhesive stickers which let you place it firmly on any surface. In terms of protection, it comes with overload and fire-resistant material but surge protection is missing from it.

  • Supports ultra-fast chargingnnSpace-saving designnnComes with a long power cord
  • No surge protection

4. One Beat Power Strip

OneBeat Power Strip With Long Extension Cord

If you are going on a cruise then this travel surge protector is something you must take along with you. It has 3 AC outlets and 4 USB ports so you can charge 7 devices simultaneously on it.

Moreover, the USB ports have a built-in smart charging technology that can auto-detect the devices connected to it and seek to maximize the charge speed.

This surge protector is also more convenient to use as it comes with a 5ft long braided power cord which makes it easier to access the outlets that are hard to reach.

Moreover, it is made up of high-quality fire-resistant material and can also protect devices from short circuits, over-current, etc.

  • Supports smart charging technologynnHas a long braided cablennIdeal power strip for cruise shipsnLong Cord
  • No surge protection

5. NTONPOWER Power Strip Charging Station 

NTONPOWER Travel Power strip

This is another compact travel power strip that you can consider taking yourself on trips especially cruise trips. It comes in a compact circular design that is easier to carry around.

Also, it features 3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports which allows you to charge 5 devices simultaneously.

This is a flat plug power strip that has a 5ft long extension cord that allows you to plug it into an AC outlet that is hard to reach. Moreover, it has a 45° angle plug design that provides space to other wall outlets.

This portable power strip also comes with full-round protection which keeps your devices safe from any kind of electrical damage.

  • Flat plug designnnLightweight and compactnnHas a flexible long extension cable
  • May get a little heat up on continuous usage

6. Anker PowerPort Cube

Anker PowerPort Cube Travel Power Strip

If you are looking for a good travel power strip that also has a cool look then this Anker power cube is for you. It comes in a unique cube shape which also makes it extremely portable. It has 3 AC outlets and 3 USB charging ports which support a maximum of 1250W and 18W power respectively.

The USB ports on this device work on Anker PowerIQ technology which makes it intelligently identify the connected device to deliver the fastest possible charge speed.

Also, it comes with a 5ft extension cord and safety features like overload protection and a fire-retardant casing.

It also offers you a worry-free 18 months warranty. So overall it’s a great travel power strip that has to be on your wishlist if you like to travel a lot.

  • Super compact and stylish designnnSupports fast chargingnnProtects the connected devices from overload and overheating
  • No cable management

7. NTONPOWER Travel Power Strip

NTONPOWER 3 Outlets Portable-PowerStrip

This travel surge protector comes in the shape of a donut which easily wraps the 15-inch extension cord around its outer surface to make it easier to carry around. It comes in three different colors black, red, and white so you can pick one according to your likings.

Irrespective of the color, all three variants consist of the same number of ports; 3 AC ports, and 3 USB ports.

Moreover, the USB ports are equipped with smart IC’s so you can use all three ports at the same time to charge 3 different devices without compromising on the charging speed.

Also, this portable power strip is designed to work against surge protection like short circuits, overcharging, and overheating. So basically you can go with this surge protector product without any doubt in your mind.

  • Highly portablennComes in multiple color optionsnnCan charge multiple devices at once
  • No fast-charging USB ports

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So this was our list of the best travel power strips that you can consider going with. All of the listed power strips are lightweight and portable so you can easily take them anywhere you go.

Apart from travel, you can also use these strips at home and office and since these don’t take much space you won’t feel them even around.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Travel Power Strip

1. Compact and Lightweight Design

Since it’s a travel power strip it has to be compact in size and also lightweight in order to easily carry it around with you. If the power strip is heavy or big in size then it won’t be easy to carry.

2. Multiple Ports

Having a portable power strip is of no use if it doesn’t have multiple ports, as we may need to charge all our devices simultaneously during the trip.

Also, if the power strip has a USB charging port then it’s even better because then you won’t have to carry the USB travel adapter of all your devices which will save a lot of space for your second favorite dress.

3. Device Protection

Having multiple outlets is not all you need as it is important that the power strip also provide your device protection from overload, short circuits, power spikes, overcharging, etc.

You can also go with power strips that have surge protection, as they will keep your devices and gadgets secure from any sort of voltage fluctuation and power surge.

4. Travel Carry Case

If you could get a carry case with your travel power strip then it will be easier for you to keep it handy whenever needed during the travel.