Best Wall Mount Surge Protectors

A wall mount surge protector is a great device to provide protection to the electronic equipment in the household. However, these devices, unlike the single outlet surge protectors, aren’t easily portable and hence cannot be used for travel purposes.

But, if you want a permanent solution to all your surge protection needs, then you need the best wall mount surge protector for your home appliances.

These devices easily get mounted over your AC outlet and save a lot of space for other activities.

Moreover, these surge protectors are cordless and hence provide tangle-free protection to all your devices.

Here we made a list from where you can choose the best wall mount surge protector for yourself.





Belkin 6-Outlet Protector

Belkin Rotating Outlet Protector

PowerUI Wall Charger

Belkin Wall Mount Surge Protector

APC Wall Outlet Surge Protector

Best Wall Mount Surge Protector

1. Belkin Surge Protector

Belkin Surge Protector With USB ports

This Belkin surge protector comes with 3 outlets and 2 USB ports. Both the USB ports provide a 2.4 Ampere of shared charging, which helps in quick charging devices like your smartphone, tablet, and more.

Also, a cradle is provided at the top of it that holds your phone while charging.

Since it is a wall mount surge protector, you can screw it to the wall over your AC outlet to fix it. However, you can also use it normally with any standard outlet, without mounting it, by removing the screw.

In terms of protection, it provides surge protection of up to 540 joules, which is enough for small electronic appliances and gadgets. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty on connected devices.

So overall it is a great wall mount surge protector you can go with.

  • Fast USB charging supportnHolds the phone while chargingnEasy to mount
  • Not suitable for large electronic appliances

2. APC Wall Surge Protector

APC Wall Mount Surge Protector

If 3 outlets are not enough for you, then you can go with this 6 outlet surge protector. It is a very compact and greatly designed surge protector that can be plugged and mounted on any 2-outlet configuration irrespective of where it is located.

Moreover, it is designed in a way that you can use all the 6 outlets at the same time.

Apart from the 6 outlets, you get 2 USB ports for charging your phone and other gadgets.

Also, 2 LED indicators are provided on the front of this device, which tells you about the condition of the connected devices i.e whether the device is protected and grounded.

Just above the LED indicators at the center, there is a screw that allows you to mount it on the wall.

Also, this APC surge protector provides you with 1080 joules of protection which makes it suitable for most home electronic gadgets. That being said, it is also backed by a lifetime warranty policy.

Overall, it is a win-win situation for you, if you go with this device for the protection of your gadgets.

  • Great designnLED IndicatorsnHas USB port for charging
  • Does not provide fast charging

3. PowrUI Wall Surge Protector

PowerUI Surge Protector

Is ordinary too boring for you? If yes, then this smart surge protector is made for you. Now the reason I call it smart is that it boasts a lot of smart features that other surge protectors don’t.

One such feature is the Smart NightLight, with this feature the light on this device automatically turns ON when the surrounding lights get dim. You can also manually turn On/Off the light if you want.

Also, there is a touch sensor on the top with which you can adjust the brightness of the nightlight up to 3 levels. Other than a smart light, this surge protector is designed very smartly as well.

It has been given a space-saving design that makes it compact, yet you can use all the 6 outlets and 2 USB ports at the same time. And not to forget that you can easily mount it to the wall using the center screw without anyone’s help.

Moreover, with its 1680 joules of surge protection, it protects all the connected devices more effortlessly than others.

So overall it can be a great buy for you if you are looking for something unique in wall mount surge protectors.

  • Has smart night lightnProvides quick and effective surge protectionnAccommodates multiple devices at once
  • Might not fit on all the outlets

4. Belkin Pivot-Plug Surge Protector

Belkin Swivel Outlet Surge Protector

This surge protector from Belkin is among the highest-rated products on Amazon. And why not? It deserves every bit of appreciation it is getting from the customers. Now you must be wondering, what is so special about this surge protector?

Well, first it comes from a brand like Belkin, so it’s obvious that it will get attention from the customers.

Secondly, it is a very well-built and smartly designed surge protector that meets everyone’s needs.

Talking about the design, it has 6 pivot-plug outlets that can rotate and provide enhanced flexibility. The rotating outlets allow you to effortlessly use all the outlets at the same time.

Moreover, you can easily mount it to the wall using the center screw. However, the only downside of it is that it does not have USB ports for charging.

But, with its high energy ratings of 1080 joules, it makes sure that all the devices connected to it are safe during electrical power surges.

  • Impressive designnWell build qualitynProvides all-around protection
  • No USB ports

5. PowrUI USB Wall Charger

PowerUI Voltage Surge Protector

The next product on this list is PowrUI wall mount surge protector. It is a multi-functional device that can work as a surge protector as well as a wall charger. With 6 outlets and 2 USB ports, you can overall charge 8 devices simultaneously on it.

It has also got a phone holder on the top where you can put the device while charging it.

Apart from the design, the PowrUI wall charge protects all the connected devices with surge protection up to 1680 joules.

Moreover, PowrUI claims that this surge protector has a better response time for absorbing electrical surges than other surge protectors.

Also, they provide a 30-day return and 12-month replacement warranty on it so you can buy it without any hassle.

  • High energy ratingsnFast USB chargingnDevice holder for charging
  • Average build quality

6. Belkin Wall Mount USB Surge Protector

Belkin Surge Protector

This surge protector has 6 power outlets where you can connect multiple home appliances and devices. The installation of the device is very easy and does not require the help of a handyman or a complex tool.

You just have to take out one screw from your power outlet and then put the surge protector over it and screw it with the help of a screwdriver.

There are two indicators to inform you if the surge protector is doing its work or the source is not grounded.

Belkin wall-mount surge protector can handle up to 900 joules of energy. Normally even 600 joules or a 300 joules surge protector offers good safety but the 900 joules rating makes it a beast.

There are 2 USB outlets at the top. You can charge your phone, tablet, and other devices without risking them to high voltage. The metal oxide varistor present in the surge protector absorbs the excess electricity and loses it in the form of heat.

Because of its usability, durability, and affordability, it has sky-high ratings by users on Amazon. Most of the surge protectors are not designed in a way that you can use all the outlets. This one is compact and yet it has ample space between the outlets so all 6 plugs can be accommodated. It is affordable yet the best wall mount surge protector for most of your electronic appliances.

  • LED IndicatorsnUSB OutletsnHigh ratings on Amazon

    7. BESTTEN 4.2A USB Wall Surge Protector

    BESTTEN Wall Surge Protector

    If your work involves more with USB cables and you are looking to protect your phones and tablets from voltage spikes, here is a better option for you. BESTTEN wall mount surge protector has 4 USB outlets and 3 AC outlets at a reasonable budget.

    The USB ports have a 2.4 Amp charging speed and 4.2 Amp in total. You can rest assured about the stability and faster speed here, in comparison to the Belkin wall-mount surge protector.

    You don’t have to clutter your space with so many wires and adaptors after installing this on your wall over your AC outlet. It is very simple to install the surge protector as it just takes one screw.

    The design is pretty compact and different from the usual surge protectors. It occupies less space and can be carried by closing the slide-out holders. By the way, the slide-out holders make it best because of easy portability.

    As you get the holders, you can carry them on your travel and you don’t have to screw them in every hotel. Just slide-out the holders and plug them in any AC outlets in your room.

    The surge protector offers 300 joules protection ratings which is comparatively much lower than the last one but still good enough. BESTTEN wall mount surge protector comes in 3 colors. So, you can look for the one that suits your wall.

    • Ample of USB outletsnEasy to installnBudget-friendly
    • Not for big appliances

    Factors to Consider To Pick Best Wall Mount Surge Protector

    Wall mount surge protectors appear to have a simple design. Therefore when we buy one, we ought to ignore a lot of factors that make them effective against the voltage fluctuations.

    A good wall mount surge protector is definitely a savior but the faulty ones can damage your electronic devices.

    The above list is made after considering a lot of factors about wall mount surge protectors. If you want to examine them yourself, you do not require any expertise in electronics.

    Here are the things to consider that will help you choose the best wall mount surge protector so that it doesn’t disappoint you during power spikes.

    Number of Outlets

    Apart from single outlet ones, there are surge protectors with different port options. Based on your requirements, you can choose from a surge protector with 2 outlets to as many as 6 outlets. We always recommend buying a surge protector with few extra outlets.

    It is a common fear that more outlets mean that the resistance to power spikes gets divided. But there are many reliable brands with surge protectors that use efficient and capable parts in all their outlets.

    You can also choose the ones that have USB outlets to charge your phone safely.

    USB outlets on the surge protectors are even used for charging devices like wireless speakers, trimmers, iPads, and other gadgets of yours.

    Before buying a surge protector with a USB outlet, check the amp rating of the outlets. Anywhere near 2 amp is good and 1 amp would also work but it will charge your devices slowly.

    Spacing Between The Outlets

    It is important to check the spacing between the outlets as it gets really frustrating when you can use only half of the outlets at a time. It is largely because the adopters these days are too big and occupy all the nearby space.

    There is no such requirement for the USB outlets as they already come with small plugs. You can also find surge protectors in the market that have rotating outlets. These outlets are best for closed spaces with many devices to be plugged in.

    Joules Rating

    Joules rating signifies the total power absorption capacity of the surge protectors in handling the surge. It is like a power drink that your device uses to fight the spikes and surges in your power line.

    You will find a surge protector from 200-400 joules to even 4000 joules.

    The more joules rating you choose the longer you can use the protector. If the power surges are not frequent in your area, any power surge protector near the 700 joules rating is good for you.

    But it also depends on the type of appliances you are looking to protect. Computers, printers, TVs, big refrigerators will require you to buy a surge protector with high joules rating.

    LED Indicators

    The problem with joules rating is that you do not know whether the power resistance capacity of your surge protector is crossed. The indicators on the device are, therefore, very important to know that your device is being protected.

    The main indicator found in most of the surge protectors gives you information about the device is active. The other indicators are for showing, ‘grounded’, ‘not grounded’, ‘under-voltage’, ‘over-voltage’, etc.

    Clamping Voltage

    Unlike the joules rating that should be preferred high, the clamping voltage in your surge protector should be low. Clamping voltage is the threshold of the voltage flow when your surge protector will break the circuit and stop the power supply to your electronic device.

    That’s why low clamping voltage is considered ideal and you can buy a surge protector that has around 330 V clamping voltage. If it is above that, your surge protector might not break the circuit.


    Surge protectors do not fully guarantee the safety of electronic appliances as power fluctuations can be very implausible in nature. So, you should always check the warranty terms of your surge protectors.

    There are surge protector companies that provide financial protection for your electronic appliances if they get damaged due to the inefficiency of the surge protector.

    Other Features

    Very few brands also offer wall mount surge protectors with individual switches. It will be convenient in saving your connected devices from overcharging without unplugging them.

    Secondly, few surge protectors also have the feature of shutting themselves off when no device is plugged in.

    Final Thoughts On Best Wall Mount Surge Protector

    Having a surge protector at your home assures you about the safety of all your electronic components. However, there are different kinds of surge protectors for different purposes like you can get one for traveling, for your office, etc. You can also get one for a specific device like a surge protector for TV.

    Similarly, if you are looking for surge protection for your home electronic equipment then a wall mount surge protector is the best choice. Simply because you can fix or mount it to one place and provide protection to all the devices at the same time.