Electrical power surges are very common in most parts of the world due to lightning and bad weather. These power surges can heavily damage the electrical and electronic appliances connected to the main power supply of our homes.

Although we can not prevent electrical surges from happening, what we can do is that we can provide surge protection to our devices. So that when the lightning strikes, it won’t fries up the appliances connected to the power supply.

We have already covered the best surge protectors for TV. However, all the products listed in that article are multiple outlet surge protectors. So we did extensive research on the single outlet and portable surge protectors and came up with this article for you.

Best Single Outlet Surge Protectors

1. Belkin Single Outlet SurgeCube

Belkin Single Outlet Surge protector

Value For Money

  • 1080 Joules
  • 3 Line AC Protection

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Belkin is a big name in the consumer electronics industry and rightly so as they always come up with great products. And this single plug surge protector from them is no different.

It comes with 3 line AC protection and 1080 Joules of energy ratings, rest assured that it is going to provide complete protection to your devices against powerful electrical surges.


Moreover, it features two illuminated LEDs that tell you about the condition of the connected device i.e whether the device is grounded and protected. Also, since it is a wall-mounted surge protector, it plugs directly to the AC outlet and saves a lot of space.

So overall it is a great surge protection device from Belkin and you should definitely have a look at it.

3 Line AC protection

Has LED indicators

Compact and lightweight

No USB port

2. GE UltraPro Surge Protector

ultrapro surge protector with alarm

Surge Protector With Alarm

  • 1080 Joules
  • 88 Decibel Alarm

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If you are looking for surge protection for hard to reach places like behind large appliances (For example, the refrigerator and washing machines) then this protector is a perfect choice because it comes with a loud 88-decibel alarm that alerts you whenever it needs replacement.

The problem with large appliances is that you can not move them easily, so if you have a power outlet behind the large appliance then it gets very difficult to check whether the surge protector is working fine or not. However, that’s not going to be the case with this single socket surge protector, as it will alert you with an alarm when it expires.

Surge Protector with alarm

Other than the alarm it provides 1080 Joules of surge protection to the device connected to it. Which ensures the safety of the connected device against power surges. So yeah it can be a great choice for you if you want a surge protector with alarm.

Good for hard to reach places

Rings the alarm when expires

Provides 1080 joules of protection

No LED Indicators

3. Tripp Lite Single Plug Surge Protector

Best Tripp lite surge protector

Best Overall

  • 660 Joules
  • UL 1449 Certified

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This product from Tripp Lite is one of the most highly rated surge protectors on Amazon. The reason being that is it comes with a UL 1449 certification and 660 joules of ratings which makes it a complete solution for all your surge protection needs.

Moreover, it is a direct plug-in device and is very compact in size as well. And that’s what makes it portable and ideal for travellers. Not just that, it comes with two LED indicators that show you when the connected device is in Grounded and Protected mode.

Tripp Lite portable

However, the best part about it is that it comes with a lifetime warranty for the connected device. So if you are looking for a surge protector for your expensive devices like laptop, TV, and computers then this Tripp Lite product is the right choice for you.

UL certified safety ratings

Lifetime warranty


Does not have an ON/Off switch

4. Surge Protector for Refrigerator From Nippon America

Best single outlet surge protector for refrigerator

Best For Large Appliances

  • 175 Joules
  • 1800 Watt Appliances
  • 3 minutes of safety cycle

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It is a very common misconception among people that a refrigerator does not need a surge protector because there is no sensitive electronic circuitry in it. Well, it is true to some extent but during power surges, an excessive amount of heat is generated which can harm the internal parts of the refrigerator.

The three main parts that are under constant threat are the compressor, ice maker, and the control board. Moreover, the compressor is an expensive component and you may end up paying a lot of money for a replacement if it gets damaged. Hence you should always connect your refrigerator with a surge protector like the one we are discussing here.

This surge protector from Nippon America is one of the best single outlet surge protectors for refrigerators and other large appliances that use current up to 15 amps. Moreover, it protects the appliances from both the high voltage (140 VAC) and low voltage (90 VAC). Also, it provides 175 Joules of surge protection to the connected device.

Nippon America

To tackle power fluctuations it supports a 3-minute safety cycle. This safety cycle switches off the appliance to protect the electronic parts from getting damaged for that period of time (3 minutes) during voltage surge. Moreover, it has 3 LED indicators that inform you about the current status of the connected appliance. So, you can invest in this surge protector for your refrigerator if you want a long life for it.

3 minutes of safety cycle

Has 3 LED indications

Protects from high and low voltages

Gets a little heat up

5. Tripp Lite Multipurpose Surge Protector

Tripp lite single outlet surge protector

Multipurpose Surge Protector

  • 1080 Joules
  • Built-in tel/DSL jack

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Yet another Tripp Lite product on this list, however, it’s different from the one we have discussed earlier. Now you must be wondering how is it different? Well, it is a normal surge protector but other than electronic devices, it also protects the modem and telephone equipment.

It features a built-in tel/DSL (RJ11) jack that lets you connect the telephone or modem to it and save them from power surges. Also, it comes with a 6 ft long phone cord so you don’t have to buy it separately.

Tripp lite voltage protector

Moreover, it provides 1080 Joules of surge protection to both the connected device and the connected modem or telephone. And not to forget, it conforms to UL 1499 safety standards. So you can rely on it for the safety of your devices.

Also, it provides you with a lifetime warranty.

Protects modem and telephone

UL certified

Lifetime warranty and insurance

Does not have a reset switch


Single socket surge protectors are a great alternative to surge protector strips as they are cordless and are easy to carry around. Moreover, they provide you surge protection wherever you need, even when you are travelling.

You can go with any of the surge protectors mentioned in the list above. However, if you want protection for your refrigerator and other large appliances then the surge protector from Nippon America is the best choice.