7 Best Cheap RC Cars Under $50

RC cars have always been and will continue to stay one of the favourite toys for children. But with continuous growth in technology, remote control cars have evolved in such a manner that they’ve become a hobby for the adults too. The rush of controlling a toy-sized car that is incredibly fast and can be hit without hurting anyone is a feeling you can’t really resist. So, buying a RC car for your child or even for yourself is just perfect.

But the thing is, not every RC car you see online is worth your money. You need to spend a good amount of time on the internet searching for the best, yet affordable RC car. And we all know that having that much of free time is a dream or a luxury. But don’t worry, we have done thorough research on it. And based on that research, we’ve plucked out the 7 best cheap RC cars for you that are under $50.

Best Cheap RC Cars Under $50

1. JEYPOD Remote Control Car

Jeypod remote control car

Off-Road RC Car

  • 80 m Range
  • Max Speed 17 km/h
  • 30 minutes Run Time

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This remote control monster car is one of the best off-road RC cars you could hope. It is made of non-toxic plastic material, which besides being safe is strong, I mean really strong. You can be as much careless as you want with the handling and the car will definitely withstand against any crash. But how’s that, right? Well, the car is designed with a baffle in the front, which helps it to resist damage when you crash it directly on the wall or on any other hard surface.

Along with that, it is completely shockproof with the equipped springs. This further means that the car will hold itself against vibrations caused due to running on an uneven surface. And finally, it is water-resistant. So, a few splashes of water won’t hurt your car.

The 2.4GHz pistol remote control can keep your car connected up to 80 meters, which is more than enough for an RC car. Moreover, this single remote control can be used to run 2 RC cars simultaneously, which can be really convenient if you own more than one RC car. It is modelled with a powerful motor that gives the car a maximum speed of 16-17 km/h. But that much speed doesn’t mean you’ll lose control over the car at some point.

This RC car can easily take quick and sharp turns without losing its grasp over the ground. The only thing that could be better with this car is the controller. Keeping aside the fact that the controller is cheap plastic, it also doesn’t give much control options. Like you can’t control the throttle of the car, which means you can’t manage the speed of the car as per the surroundings.

Now about the battery. So, the car comes with 2 rechargeable 3.6V 700mAh batteries with a USB charger. Each battery can be fully charged within 90 minutes and can give a continuous run time of 30 minutes. So 2 fully charged batteries mean a total fun time of 1 hour. Also, the transmitter runs on 2 1.5 AA batteries, which are not rechargeable.

Strong and unique built

Can go fast without losing control

Shockproof and water-resistant

Decent performing batteries

The transmitter could be a little better

2. Amicool 4WD Remote Control Car

Amicool remote control car for kids

Double Sided RC Car

  • 60 m Range
  • Max Speed 12 km/h
  • 30 minutes Run Time

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This 360 degrees double-sided car can run on both sides (forward & backwards). Need I say more? Well, of course, I have to. The material and design of the car make it a steal at such a cheap price. The ABS plastic that is used to manufacture this incredible RC car is completely non-toxic and harmless. So you don’t have to remind your children to wash their hands every time they play with it.

The 4 independent wheel design enables you to do experiments while driving. This means doing stunts, flips or making the RC car jump over the stairs has never been easier. The 2.4 GHz wireless remote control resembles the design of a gaming controller and can control more than one car at a time. By using that transmitter, you can make the car run at a maximum speed of 12 km/h. To be honest, I would have been more thrilled with this car if it was even faster. Anyhow, I can easily forget the speed factor considering all the other amazing things this car can do.

The different thing about this car, other than its design, is that it a non-rechargeable RC car. This also means that this car doesn’t come with a USB charger. So you’ll have to buy non-rechargeable 1.5V AAA batteries every time you want to have fun with this car or you can also buy a rechargeable batteries pack and use those batteries inside the car after charging them. The life of batteries being 30 minutes.

Best for beginners


4 independent wheels with 360 degrees design

 The non-rechargeable battery design can be frustrating for some people

3. Epoch Air RC Car

Epoch 360 degree rotating rc car

Wall Climbing Car

  • 360 Degree Spin
  • 10 minutes Run Time

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Have you ever wondered if you could drive a car on walls rather than roads? Well, if you are thinking of doing that with your actual car, then please don’t. But you can certainly fulfil this wish of yours by buying this surreal RC car. Just by pressing a single switch, you can stick this car on walls and even on ceilings and glass. After that, you can drive the car as you do it on the floor by using the transmitter. You can even perform the 360 degrees spin on any surface, which really enhances your driving experience.

Another big highlight of this car is the remote control that comes with it. Other than the navigation buttons, the remote control is designed with charging and power indicator. Also, the charging cable can be stored in the remote itself, which is truly convenient.

The built-in rechargeable battery in the car can be fully charged by making you wait for about half an hour; running time being 10 minutes. The battery is supposed to be charged using the USB cable you get with the car. The only bad thing about the car battery is that it can’t be replaced with another battery. So, if the battery stops working due to some reason, it will be problematic for you. On the other hand, remote control uses 6 AA batteries, which of course, need to be replaced after being completely drained. And being the cheapest RC car on the list, it offers a lot of unique features.

Good quality remote control

You can do 360 degrees spin with the car

Can run on floor, glass, walls, and ceilings

The battery could have been better

4. TOYEN Remote Control Car


Fastest RC Car

  • 40 m Range
  • Max Speed 20 km/h
  • 30 minutes Run Time

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This is probably the fastest RC car on our list. It can roar at a maximum speed of 20 km/h with its powerful electric motor, which is undeniably the most impressive thing about this car. And don’t worry, the car won’t be in pieces if you crash it directly on a hard surface. The high-quality plastic with the PVC casing in addition to vacuum tires and shockproof design makes it perfect to protect itself during off-road adventures.

The 2.4GHz pistol transmitter can control the car from a maximum distance of 40 meters, which to be honest, is more than enough. The basic controls in the remote control make it a perfect cheap RC car for beginners.

Finally, it comes with a rechargeable battery which can last for about half an hour in a single charge; full charging time being 90 minutes. So, we can say that the battery performance is close to being, if not the best, then at least satisfactory.

Can go really fast at 20 km/h

Strongly built to handle crashes

Satisfactory performance of the car battery

5. Gizmovine Remote Control Car

Gizmovine RC car with camera

RC Car With Camera

  • 50 m Range
  • Max Speed 18 km/h
  • 30 minutes Run Time

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If you are interested in capturing the surroundings using the RC car then this one is for you. It is designed with a camera on its top, and not just a low-quality camera. The camera records video at HD quality while being adjustable to capture the range up to 45 degrees. The independent suspension system, bumper in front of the car, and not to forget the high-quality plastic, surely makes this car impressively durable.

The 2.4GHz transmitter can control this car from a maximum distance of 50 meters, but that’s not it. The mobile app for the RC car can also control the car, but only up to a distance of 27 meters. But given that this is an amazing feature and lets you see the live video feed from the camera, I am not complaining about the range. You might think that all those things attached to the car can make it slow, but that isn’t right. This RC car can run at a maximum speed range of 15-18 km/h.

It runs on 500mAh rechargeable battery and the RC car comes with 2 such batteries. Each battery can be charged within 90 minutes and can give you a run time of 25-30 minutes. So, all in all, this RC car is one of the best grabs at a cheap price under $50.

Can run at fast speed

Comes with an HD camera

Build quality is amazingly strong

Can be controlled with the mobile app

Control range could have been better for the transmitter

6. Jsonwell RC Car for Kids Remote Control Car

Jsonwell rc car

Best For Kids

  • 360 Degree Spin
  • Auto Drive Mode
  • 30 Minutes Run Time

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You can’t call yourself a Transformers fan if you don’t love Bumblebee. And if you do love him, then you shouldn’t think even once before ordering this RC car on our list. This car is designed keeping in mind the appearance of Bumblebee.

Although, don’t expect it to transform at any point, because that would be unrealistic. But it does keep the spirit of Bumblebee alive by being able to make 360 degrees spin and doing all sorts of stunts because of its design. If you’re still not satisfied with it, then you would definitely be, after knowing about the Auto Drive mode. When you enable this mode, the car starts dancing on music on its own, which can be a fun spectacle for your children.

The 2.4Ghz remote gives you the best control over the car. Also, getting control over the car with the transmitter is easy enough that even a 5-year-old could enjoy it. And to run the remote controller, you have to buy 2 AA batteries separately, because they aren’t included with the package.

This car runs on battery like every other car on our list. And the included battery can be recharged within 90 minutes after being completely drained; you get a USB cable for that. Also, the battery life is decent with a maximum playing time of 30 minutes.

Unique design with a strong build

Flexible control with 360-degree spinning

The auto-drive mode can be a lot of fun

 7. Cheerwing RC Car

Cheerwing rc car for kids

RC Car CUM Boat

  • 35 m Range
  • Max Speed 20 km/h
  • 30 Minutes Run Time

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The last RC car we talked about may seem like a love letter to Transformers, but this is the one that can actually transform. This car is designed to be completely waterproof. But the question is, What’s the benefit of being waterproof if it can’t even move on water? Well, you’d surprised to know that this one actually can move on water. The car does that by transforming itself by the touch of a button, which is a child’s play. Along with all those features, the car is really strong too; all thanks to high-quality PVC material.

But does that transforming design makes it slow when compared to other cars? Absolutely not! It can still achieve greater speed, the maximum being 20 km/h. Moreover, it can easily rotate 360 degrees with the use of a 2.4Ghz transmitter, which means more flexible control. The only bad thing about the transmitter is that it drains the batteries too quickly. So, you might have to go to the store to buy 1.5V AA batteries quite often.

Finally, the car comes with one 7.4V 1200mAh battery along with a USB charger. The rechargeable battery can get back to life with 3.5 hours of charging. And it breathes and lives for about 20 minutes on land and 30 minutes on the water before dying again. So, I think that is more than enough to convince anyone to buy this incredible car at such a cheap price.

Can do 360 spins

Strong build and is completely waterproof

Can transform and run on water

Car battery life is decent

Transmitter battery life is not that long

Best Cheap RC Cars – Wrapping Up

So, if you’re reading this, then it’s probably because you’re still confused that which RC car you should go with. Well, every car on our list is unique in one way or another. It’s you who have to decide which feature, or what design interests you the most. Like if you want to ride your RC car on the water like some sci-fi movie, then go with the last one. Similarly, if you want to capture the surroundings, then consider the one with the camera. And finally, no matter which one you buy, I am pretty confident that you’ll have a good experience with it.


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