Different Types Of RC Cars Available Online

When it comes to toys, RC cars have always been dominating the market. There are a lot of factors that make remote control cars stand out among other toys. But the fact that people from all age groups can enjoy playing around with RC cars makes them truly special.

There are different types of RC cars when it comes to design and functionality. And getting to know about all of them is as fun as playing with them. I know, I’m exaggerating. But seriously, you can really enjoy getting to know about different RC cars. Also, that knowledge can be really helpful in case you’re looking forward to buying one. So, with that, let’s start with our article where we’ve discussed different variety of RC Cars.

Different Types Of RC Cars

1. Racing Drift Cars

racing drift car

As the name suggests, these type of RC cars compliments all those racing cars you see in racing events. They are generally designed in such a way that they are really light in weight. So, you can expect them to go really, I mean really fast. For instance, an average racing drift RC car can go about 15-20 km/h on a road. And with that much speed, you can expect a swift control from most racing RC cars. So, if you’re into drifting, then go with the racing car.

2. Off-Road RC Cars

off road Rc cars

Now, if you’re looking forward to running an RC car on a surface that is rough, and full of dirt, then you’re definitely looking for an off-road RC car. These types of RC cars usually resemble monster trucks or buggies, and their design is pretty rigid. So, you can expect them to withstand any type of environment. Also, if you or your child is not very good when it comes to controlling an RC car, then an off-road car can be one of the best choices for you. That is because they are designed in a way to handle multiple crashes, which you can expect when you are driving it somewhere other than the road.

3. RC Cars With Camera

rc cars with camera

If you like to see the view from your RC car while playing with it, then your best shot is buying an RC car with a camera embedded on it. Now, the question is, where exactly can you see the live feed from the RC car? Well, some RC cars come with a mobile app. So, you’ll be able to see the live feed on your smartphone through the app. Whereas, some cars come with a controller with an LCD screen on it. In that case, you can control the car more efficiently.

As of design, the RC cars with a camera can be of any design. Like they can be racing drift cars, Moster truck, buggy, etc. So, you’ll have more than enough options, which is great.

4. Amphibious RC cars

amphibious cars

Now, these types of RC cars are truly a game-changer, and why’s that? Well, these types of cars besides running on land, can also run on water. Mostly, they do that by transforming themselves in the form of the boat to be able to run on water. So, if you ever dreamt of having a transformer hiding in your garage, then this is the closest you could get. The design of these cars is pretty much solid to be able to withstand against the harsh environment of land, and of water.

5. Wall Climbing RC Cars

wall climbing Rc cars

Ever heard of a remote control car that can run on walls? Most probably not. Well, then let me tell you that these types of RC cars use a vacuum system to stick, as well as make fast movements on walls and ceilings of your house. Also, most wall climbing cars can also work like your typical RC car. This means that you can also play with them on the road. What’s amazing with these kinds of cars is that they are designed to do stunts on your walls and ceilings. Like most of them can rotate 360 degrees. In short, you can really freak someone out with a wall climbing RC car.


Yeah! so these are all the types of RC cars available online. Now, within these types, you’ll find a lot of different designs and features. But if you look in general, then these are all the types. All you have to do is pick a type, then move forward with a design keeping in mind all the features it comes with. And even if you don’t want to buy an RC car, this information might still prove useful to you sometime in the future.