There are hundreds of RC car brands out there that claim to be the best. However, finding out which brand is actually at the top is a tough task. But looking at some factor like

  • How long the brand has been in the business
  • The quality of their products
  • Customer satisfaction, reviews and much more

you can judge whether a brand is worth or not. We have done research keeping the above factors as well in mind and came up with best RC car brands for you.

 Top RC Car Brands


Best RC car brand TraxxasWithout a doubt, the best remote control car brand is none other than Traxxas. This brand has been in the picture since 1986 and since then no other brand was able to dethrone Traxxas from its position. Moreover, Traxxas is continuously working on new designs while also integrating their cars with unrivalled technology.

You’ll find every type of RC car under their banner. Their popularity is such that the ‘Dude Perfect’ guys tested the Traxxas’ most popular models by themselves on their YouTube channel.

The guys were able to make Traxxas E-Revo jump over a truck covering a world record distance of 197 feet. Impressive, right?

 Horizon Hobby

horizon hobby rc car brand

It’s true that no brand was able to catch up with Traxxas when it comes to RC cars. However, if there is one brand that is capable of taking over Traxxas, then it has to be Horizon Hobby.

The brand has been making radio control car a hobby since 1985 and they are very successful in their mission. Almost every model by Horizon is very well received by kids as well as adults. And not only RC cars, but the brand has widened its reach by providing RC boats and helicopter to the RC enthusiasts.

Redcat Racing

Redcat racing piranha

The third brand on our list is Redcat. Established in 2005, which makes this brand relatively new when compared to the other brands on this list. However, that doesn’t mean Redcat is behind when it comes to providing fast, strong, and startling RC cars.

The fact that Redcat provides cheaper RC car options, helps the brand stand out among other giants, like Traxxas, and Horizon Hobby. And if you’re one of those people who are just trying to put their hands on RC cars for the first time, then it makes sense to go with a cheaper brand. And by cheap I am only talking in terms of money. Because in no way the quality of RC cars by Redcat is cheap.

HPI Racing

HPI racing


HPI came into existence in 1986, so we can say that this brand is an old player in the RC car domain. However, the brand didn’t quite make its mark as its contemporaries like Horizon and Traxxas.

However, that doesn’t mean HPI lacks what it takes to be popular somewhere in the future. What makes the HPI unique is that they come up with really unique designs, the designs which you’ve never really seen before. And not only the design but the engineering they put into their cars is worthy of all the applauds.


Tamiya honda NSX


Originally established in 1948, Tamiya entered the American market with their hobby products in 1992 with Tamiya America, Inc. Since then, they have come up with thousands of products and established a good name for themselves not only in America but around the world.

However, Tamiya’s Horrent buggy which was launched in 1984 still remains their most selling RC car. To celebrate their 30th anniversary, they relaunched the horrent buggy with some advancements and named it XB Hornet Black.

Moreover, Tamiya is well known for its miniatures but they are also making a huge fan base in the RC racing community. Overall, the products by Tamiya can be expensive but they satisfy the need of their customers.

 Team Associated

Team associated old RC car brand


Team associated has been well known for their versatile hobby cars since 1965. So, it’s safe to say that it is one of the oldest RC car brands out there. Also, they make all sorts of RC cars like off-road, buggy, racing, and rally.

They tend to give various options to their customers to choose from, while also improving engineering in their products. What’s truly commendable is that the brand doesn’t boast their experience by putting a higher price on its products. One can easily get affordable, yet a quality RC car under their banner.

Here’s a quick look at how long these brands have been in the RC hobby industry as of 2020.

RC Car brands established years


Wrapping Up

So, these are the 6 best RC car brands. If there’s any other brand that you think worth mentioning in the list, then don’t be shy and mention that brand in the comment section.

That being said, the brands mentioned on this list are in the business for really long and they know what their customer wants from them. And that’s what makes these brands popular among the RC racing enthusiasts.