One can play with an RC car continuously for hours without getting bored, and that’s the charm of these awesome toys. But since they are machines they also need to be taken good care of or else they will have a short lifespan. However, you need not be a grease monkey in order to maintain your RC cars and trucks.

If you have the right RC tool Set at your home, you can easily service your RC car or truck on your own. Not just service, with these tool kits, you can assemble all the parts of an RC car to build it from scratch as well.

We have prepared a list of the best RC Car tool kits that you can buy online. So you can have a look at it and save yourself some time.

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Best RC Car Tool Kits

1. Tamiya America Toolkit

Tamiya America RC toolkits

This RC toolset from Tamiya is the one that every RC enthusiast should have. From maintaining an RC car to building it, this toolkit can help you in all sorts of tasks. Not just the cars, you can build and service any RC toy with it like RC boats and trucks.

This toolkit has 8 piece toolset that includes No1. and No.2 Phillip head screwdrivers and 1.5, 2, 2.5 Hex wrenches. Both the screwdrivers and wrenches are made up of Nickel chrome-molybdenum steel which makes them sturdy.

Moreover, you get a minus 5 size screwdriver along with two box drivers of size 5.5 and 7 respectively. You also get a stand with this kit that will help you keep all the tools together. However, the only downside is that you don’t get the bits in this set and you’ll have to buy them separately.

  • Easy to use
  • Great build quality
  • Compatible with all sorts of RC models
  • Bits are not provided

2. Readytosky RC Car Tool Box

Readytosky RC Toolkit

The second toolkit on our list is from the company called Readytosky. They basically make tools for RC quadcopter and drones but this tool is specially designed for RC cars and trucks. It is a complete 270pcs DIY RC toolbox that will help you build and repair your RC models.

This toolset has a variety of screws and other tools that meets all your needs. To be specific, you get various sizes of flat and round head screws along with N3 and N4 washers, O-circles, etc. A hexagonal wrench is also provided in the kit.

The tools are made up of high-quality metal and hence this kit has a good lifespan. Moreover, you get a plastic container that helps you keep all the screws and tools organized. You can go with this tool kit as it provides a lot of value for its price.

  • 270pcs of tools in one kit
  • Tools are build of high-quality metal
  • Comes with a plastic container
  • Allen wrench is not provided

3. Traxxas Tool Kit

Dynamite RC tool kit for Traxxas

This tool kit from Dynamite is specifically designed for Traxxas vehicle owners. Traxxas is the most renowned RC car brand. Keeping that in mind this kit is engineered for every Traxxas model ever.

This kit has all the tools that you will ever require to tear down and rebuild any Traxxas car or truck. The tools included in this kit are: various nut and hex drivers along with three Phillips and flatheads. You also get two box wrench and one ratcheting handle.

Also, you get a stylish and durable carry pouch so that you can easily carry the tools along with you. This pouch also helps you to keep all the tools safe in one place. So, if you have a Traxxas RC car or truck then this toolset is a must-have kit for you.

  • Support all Traxxas models
  • Comes with a carry pouch
  • Tools are not magnetized

4. Hobbypark 21in1 RC Tool Kit

Hobbypark RC toolkit

The final kit on our list is the Hobbypark 21in1 RC toolset. It is a complete RC tool kit that has 21pcs in total. It is a good toolset for all RC models be it cars, trucks, boats, planes, etc. What makes this toolset different from others is that it has almost all tools one may require while building and servicing their RC models.

From screwdrivers to hex wrenches, players and cutters you get every important tool in this kit. Most importantly you get the ball bearing removal tool that is missing in all the toolsets mentioned earlier.

Also, the tools are made of high-quality metal and have a long lifespan. Moreover, you get a bag to keep all the tools together. So if you are an RC enthusiast then you should definitely add this RC hobby toolkit in your arsenal.

  • 21 tools in one kit
  • Tools are of good build quality
  • Comes with a bag to carry your tools
  • Screws are not provided


So this was the list of the best RC car tool kits that is needed to repair and build an RC car. You can also invest in a good RC car stand that will help you in maintaining your car better.

Also, most of the tools mentioned above are compatible with other RC car brands as well, so you don’t have to invest in other toolsets for different RC models.